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Lieutenant Christopher Evans

Name Christopher Evans

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 181 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A tall and handsome man Christopher stands 6'1" and has a nice muscular build that he works hard to keep.


Father Captain Joseph Evans - USS San Francisco
Mother Sara Evans - Arkansas, USA - Earth
Brother(s) Lieutenant James Evans - USS Ranger - Chief Engineer (Twin)
Sister(s) Missy Evans, MD - Starfleet Medical Research - Texas, USA - Earth (Twin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Christopher is a true southern gentleman. He is very sweet and caring for family and friends. He was never quite as dedicated to his career as his brother and not as smart as his sister who both also work for Starfleet. Chris likes to have fun with his friend when off duty and has been called somewhat of a ladies man, even though he is bi-sexual.
Strengths & Weaknesses

+Expert close quarters combatant
+Great common sense
+Great critical thinker
+Well rounded bridge and away mission officer

-Weak at medical tasks
-Can be hard headed
-Likes to have fun(too much fun sometimes)
Ambitions To continue his career in Starfleet and move up the ladder to possibly command one day. Possibly teach at Starfleet Academy and continue expanding his knowledge of Starfleet and alien ship systems.
Hobbies & Interests Working out, running, weight lifting, martial arts, phaser training on the holodeck, hunting, fishing.

Personal History

Born and raised in Arkansas, USA - Earth Christopher was raised in a good southern family with his older brother and sister on their grandparents farm, they were like parents to the kid's as their own parents were part of Starfleet and usually only home for short shore leaves. Christopher wasn't the smartest of the three children, but he was the best farm hand his grandfather could ask for.

When his brother and sister who are twins went off to Starfleet academy Chris was the only child left at his grandparents. He became their world and very spoiled. Chris was always wanted to know how and why things worked on the farm and his grandfather urged him to follow his brother and sister to the academy and become an engineer. He wanted to stay with his grandparents and take care of them, but told his grandfather he would consider it.

Six months before Chris would have to make his final decision both of his grandparents were killed in a fire on the farm and Christopher's parents forced him to enroll in Starfleet Academy. His father would have to pull some strings to get him accepted early but they were pulled.

His third year at the academy Chris met a young man named Jason Sellers and fell in love. That same year Chris came out to his family, his sister told him she always knew, his parents and his brother stopped speaking to Chris. This was a very hard year at the academy as Chris was very depressed, that's when he focused on working out at the gym and Jason more than his academics and his grades dropped significantly, he kept them up enough to pass only because he knew his grandfather would be disappointed if he didn't graduate. Jason was a year ahead of Chris in the academy and rather than being heartbroken when they had to part Jason broke up with Chris. This left him heartbroken and he hit a rough spot. He turned to male and female companionship to dull the pain, but that only lasted about two weeks and some of his closest friends called him out on it. He was very thankful they did.

The last year at the academy Christopher Evans turned his grades around and graduated, not in the top of his class like his brother and not with a medical degree like his sister, but as a security and starship tactical officer.

His first assignment aboard the USS Dallas he learned a lot about ship offensive and defensive systems, as well as shield harmonics and other tactical operations. The Dallas was an old Miranda class vessel and had seen her fair share of dangerous missions. He even got to run into his father while on one of their missions, their ship had to work closely with his father's ship on an evacuation mission. His father decided he was proud of him for joining Starfleet and has started talking to his son again.

Wanting a newer ship to serve on Chris asked his father to pull a string and get him transferred to a newer class of ship, it was the first and the last time he asked his dad for anything. A month later he was transferred to the Luna class USS Harbinger as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer where he would serve the next eight years. The next assignment he was on proved to be one of his hardest yet. He was assigned as Chief Security/Tactical Officer to Captain Davis's crew aboard the USS Kirkland. Captain Davis stayed on his crew and ruled with an iron fist more than other Commanding Officers. Davis ran the ship by the book until it was lost with 64% of its crew complement.

Evans would be one of the lucky ones from the Kirkland, yet he lost a few of his friends. His next assignment would send him aboard the USS Hawk, an Intrepid class starship where he would serve as Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Chris learned quite a bit during his stent on the Hawk. He now considered himself a career Starfleet Officer and serving the Federation was one of the things he loved most..

Mr. Christopher Evans now finds himself aboard his new home on the USS Proxima as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Dallas - Security/Tactical Officer (2 years)
USS Harbinger - Assistant Security/Tactical Officer (5 years)
USS Harbinger - Chief Security/Tactical Officer (3 years)
USS Kirkland - Chief Security/Tactical Officer (2 years)
USS Hawk - Chief Security/Tactical Officer (6 Months)
USS Proxima - Chief Security/Tactical Officer (Current)

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