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Lieutenant JG Vreia zh'Elaith

Name Vreia zh'Elaith

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description As a zhen, Vreia looks most similar to a binary female. She is of average height and build, and holds herself in a relaxed manner. Her antenna are usually active, keeping her well-balanced. She prefers an unorthodox appearance for a zhen by shaving her head. When off-duty, she prefers light and comfortable clothing.


Spouse Thashrizha sh'Iraan, Shichari ch'Ytharishan, Yinzhan th'Emaarthai (Mating Union)
Children Thyrie ch'Elaith (deceased)
Mythriie th'Elaith (Aged 4)
Father Mithrishizhan th'Izheran, Zhrishithan ch'Ielaan
Mother Vizhena sh'Vee, Shanathamani zh'Elaith
Brother(s) Minthaarish ch'Elaith
Sister(s) Shaanei sh'Elaith

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vreia is an enthusiastic spirit. Her positive attitude is infectious when coupled with her charisma. She is a caring person, who will go out of her way to cheer someone else up. Like many Andorians, she has aggressive tendencies. When provoked, Vreia doesn't typically use physical harm, but a sharp tongue to show her anger. She takes her work very seriously, even when it doesn't seem like it. She dedicates herself to become the best at what she does.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her optimistic outlook is good for morale, as she tries to keep spirits up. She is a very capable pilot, with an encyclopedic knowledge of propulsion systems.

Vreia's positivity can be off-putting to many, and can border on the side of unprofessional. As well, her experience with piloting gives her a considerable lack of knowledge with other aspects of starship duty, such as medical and advanced combat.
Ambitions To be the best pilot in this side of the galaxy
Hobbies & Interests Vreia may be found in the holodeck when she's off-duty. She is either in her ice-climbing or Intarian shuttle-racing programs.

She enjoys time in the Galley drinking Andorian ale, and spending time with the staff. As well, she is hoping to become better at combat.

Personal History Sherthvreia (Vreia) zh'Elaith was the second-born child of a traditional Andorian family. As a zhen, she was raised to become an "earth mother," who's primary position was to carry a zygote to term. It was very restricted as to what she was to say and do, and everything she did was criticized by the Eveste Elders. Although the structured life she lived, she maintained a hopeful attitude that she would be able to leave the orthodoxy. In her studies, she excelled. But it was not allowed for her to pursue any more studies until she was joined in a marriage. At the age of 17, she admitted herself into a marriage lottery, in hopes that she would get into a legally binding union before the Eveste Elders could arrange it. To her luck, she was given to three others, and got married on her 18th birthday.

Her spouses, like many others who join the lottery, were culturally progressive. The union in an Andorian marriage was stronger than any other bond, and the four respected that. Though, they treated Vreia as an equal part, which wasn't always the case for zhens. While many would start consummating the shelthreth ceremony, they urged her to continue her studies. Vreia chose to apply at the Starfleet Academy annex on Andoria. She took up the CONN track to become a helmsman.

Her time at the academy was exciting for her. She spent all of her energy into studying and practicing, fueled mostly by her want to see what else the galaxy had to offer. During her sophomore year, Vreia found out she was pregnant. Andorian reproduction being the fickle thing it is, the child didn't take to her, and died during childbirth. Though it is a rather common occurrence, it took a mental toll on her. She ended up taking a few month's leave before resuming her academics.

She graduated a few years later, and was assigned as the Gamma shift helmsman on the USS Crazy Horse. Her career started right at the close of the Dominion war, but never saw battle. After the Treaty of Bajor, the Crazy Horse was assigned to patrolling the Cardassion/Federation border. She eventually got promoted to the Chief Support Craft Pilot after a few years.

She was transferred to Starbase I-2, maintaining the same position. I-2 was on the interior of Federation space, but was frequently in charge of transporting high-profile Ambassadors. Vreia was decidedly the main pilot for such transports. Due to her good work, she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

During her transfer in 2387, she went back home to Andoria. During that time, she once again became pregnant. Only after a few months into her new assignment aboard the USS Hanover, she took maternity leave to give birth. This time, the baby was born without complication. She spent the first few months with the child, but decided it would be best if he was raised with Vreia's spouses until he was older. Reluctantly, Vreia returned to the Hanover to become the Assistant Chief of Flight Control. She was the primary pilot of the Beta shift, and was eventually able to transfer to the Valhalla to become chief.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Conn and Astrometrics Major
USS Crazy Horse - Pilot (Gamma shift)
USS Crazy Horse - Promotion to Chief Support Craft Pilot
Starbase I-2 - Chief Support Craft Pilot
USS Hanover - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer

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