Crew Awards

Captain's Personal Merit Captain's Personal Merit
Awarded to the crew member who the Captain feels worthy.
Crew's Choice Award Crew's Choice Award
Voted on by the crew of the simm in question. No real criteria, just the player which the crew feels excelled that month.
Creativity Award Creativity Award
The Creativity Award is presented to those who come up with an outstanding idea during a mission.

This can be in battle, a diplomatic meeting, medical crises, or even during a shore leave. There is no exacting criteria for the qualifications of this award. Sample posts are required.
Meritorious Newcomer Award Meritorious Newcomer Award
This award will be given to the newcomer who makes themselves known and puts in the most effort to make their character a valuable addition.
Non-Player Character Award Non-Player Character Award
For the development of Non-Player Characters. The lives of our characters are in a setting populated by countless other people who are important to our featured individuals. This award marks the achievement of a player for his/her development of engaging, detailed NPCs who add realism and dimension to the simm.
Jailbreak Medal Jailbreak Medal
This is awarded to any crew for their efforts during Mission 1
Purple Heart Purple Heart
For injuries sustained in the Line of Duty serving Starfleet.
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