The Event

Posted on Sat Jan 26th, 2019 @ 8:19pm by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Christopher Evans

Mission: The Event
Location: Orbit of Hella III
Timeline: 3 months prior

Tension was thick on the Proxima ever since it had crossed over into the Breen Space. They where here on orders that Captain Jameson had received. As the Prox dropped out of warp the system came into view on the view screen. There in front of them was Halla III. Bjorn sat in the XOs chair just to the side of Jameson. "Sir, we have arrived at the coordinates. Still not picking up any distress calls."

Everyone was at their posts working on their jobs. Tensions between Breen and the Federation can be categorized as strained at best. Since the end of the war the Breen have rebuilt and started to take advantage of the Cardassian Unions consolidation of power and force to take back some border worlds in the last year.

Now here in orbit is the Proxima waiting for the next orders from their Captain. Bjorn turned to the Tactical station. "Chris you have anything on sensors?" He asked hoping the Breen where not breathing down their necks....

Looking up from his console with an almost puzzled look on his face "Negative" he checked again "it's almost to quite out there" Evans looked up from his console, making eye contact with the Executive Officer.

Bjorn turned to Jameson. "Now what?" He put it bluntly. "All sensor readings are saying that their is no emergency here or on the surface. Any chance we are here on bad orders?"

"Settle down Tyrson. I have my orders and we wait until it is time for us to execute those orders." Jameson said as he shifted in his chair.

Bryon hated this the Captain was always very open with their orders and always put the ship and crew first in everything they do. Now he was secretive and just throwing them into harms way.

Bjorn was about to ask more when there was a blue flash on the screen and something had been launched from the Proxima towards the surface. He turned to Evans. "What did we launch?"

"It's one of our Quantum torpedoes" he paused and scanned further "but we didn't launch it and it's been altered some how"

"Magnify screen." Bjorn ordered as Jameson just sat there and watched. The screen zoomed in and it could be seen a slow moving probe was almost entering the atmosphere. It had a blue glow on the tip. Bjorn realized to late "It's got a warhead...." He said as it entered the atmosphere there was a bright flash. Almost instantly after the flash the reddish color of the atmosphere was being replaced with blue gasses.

Everyone but the Captain gasped as they watched this happen. No one had a clue what was going on. Bjorn stare at the screen was interrupted when the Captain stood and walked to the middle of the bridge. "What do we do now, Sir?" Bjorn asked.

"We have already done all we can." He said as an evil grin started to cast over his face. As everyone was stunned by what he said there was telltale sparkles and energy output of a transporter as the Captain disappeared. Bjorn tried to reach for him but he was gone. Now the whole crew was looking dead at the XO.

"Captain" Evans spoke up loudly "I have incoming Breen contacts on long range sensors" the Tactical Officer was ready for orders.

Bjorn didn't know what to say or do but the Breen where not going to ask what happened they would just blow them out of the air. He snapped out of his trance. "Red Alert. Shield up. Helm set course for Bajor, Emergency Warp. NOW!!!"




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