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The Start of a Chief

Posted on Wed Jan 30th, 2019 @ 1:52pm by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Kee’Bhor House of Maal

Mission: Before.....
Location: USS Proxima
Timeline: 2389 - May,1

The portly and jolly Klingon heaved his bag up as he got up and exited the shuttle that had brought him to not only his new posting, but new position as Chief Engineer. He had a chuckle to himself as he walked the corridors to quickly drop off his bag before he met with the XO. He was okay with most things to be packed and shipped, but certain possessions, well they were too important to be trusted with anyone. He found the corridors small as he walked through them, wondering if it was the corridor or that he was trying to share it with other crew trying to get past him. He didn't mind either way, but hoped he would get use to this sensation.

As he approached the XO's door, he glanced at his uniform, which was less disheveled the normal. He attributed it to sitting in the shuttle for what felt like forever. In any case he straightened the best he could and rang the bell.

"Come in" Bjorn said as he stood and made his way around his desk. He had gotten word the new Engineer Chief had arrived.

He stepped into the room bringing a very stoic and conscientious attention with a salute before relaxing. His eyes gazed the man before him, who stood taller and just as broad. His face showed approval at the stature of his new senior officer, he hoped the honor would be just as approving. "Lt. Kee'Bhor reporting for duty, sir," He said finally, handing a PaDD with his paperwork over.

"Dah, Bjorn Tyraon." He exclaimed as he grabbed the PADD and sat it behind him on the desk. "Welcome to the Proxima. Captain is busy in some meetings so he will meet with you later. Why don't we stroll down to Engineering and chat on our way." He said as he motioned back to the door.

"A stroll sounds good for the legs!" He replied, turning to join the fellow officer as they worked their way towards engineering. "These shuttles they use for transports. They are not good for people," he hesitated looking at the XO while walking, "our stature." He chuckled in deep resonance. "I took the time to study the materials for this class vessel. I must say I'm impressed with the wallop in this size vessel. I am eager to get my hands into it." He smiled, "And to see what tweaks will need to be done for the replicators to properly prepare good food."

A more talkative Klingon. Bjorn thought as he listened. "Dah shuttles are not made for warrior classes just little bitty explorers" Bjorn started a deep hearty laugh. "Oh if you figure these damned machines out and make a decent horn of mead I would ensure the God's sing your names for eternity!"

Kee'Bhor eyes shined, "I can definitely do that. I just need the exact ingredients and process. It's harder to code, but if you teach the computer the steps to making it precisely instead of just the contents of the material, it can make a better product." They turned and finally walked up to Engineering's main door. The swoosh announced their entrance as they stepped inside.

Kee'Bhor came to a slow stop and looked around carefully, his face and eyes losing any of the light that had been in them as his mind began processing the compartment. Subtle nods came occasionally as he turned back to Tyrson, his eyes lighting up again, "Fantastic. I can see this place being juH," he smiled. "Home I mean. I lose track of language sometime. Don't expect to follow any of my stories after the third bottle of bloodwine!" He laughed for a moment. "Unless you speak Klingon?"

"a loQ Sut" Bjorn uttered with a bit of his icelandic drawl in it. "I suppose dis will be your home. But word of the wise Jameson will want you on the bridge sometimes." Bjorn said as the two made their way over to the main computer table console.

"Whatever makes the Captain happy, I'm not hard to get along with," He said, almost brushing off the comment. He pulled up some data to scroll through real quick. "Many changes I believe, many," He said with a serious tone, before turning off the console, "But we'll have to see what the manuals say first," He said, sounding cheery again at the end. "You must enjoy the occasional combat sport, yes? I have to admit my last posting there wasn't a person to spar with, and the computer gets too predictable after a while."

Bjorn's eyes lite up at the mention of hand to hand combat. "In a world full of phasers and torpedoes the art of hand to hand combat is a dying thing." He said almost remorsefully. "I believe in connecting with the gods and my gods demand the ability to make war on occasion." He said with a big grin showing through his beard.

"Spoken like a true warrior!" Kee'Bhor exclaimed slapping the man on the back. "I look forward to some sparring matches. Come, let us get whatever paperwork I need to sign done so we can drink this drink of yours," he paused for a moment remembering it, "mead, you said? Surely you must be off shift soon, it's late in the day. This!" He said looking around Engineering before turning back towards the door, "This is tomorrow's problem when I start on duty."

"Then tomorrow is when we will worry about paperwork. Tonight is for libation and story telling!" Bjorn said with a semi evil grin.


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