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What do we do now.

Posted on Mon Feb 11th, 2019 @ 4:39pm by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant T'Ponga Daughter of House Mordok & Lieutenant Christopher Evans & Lieutenant Kee’Bhor House of Maal & Lieutenant Lon Genestra

Mission: Jailbreak
Location: Tchalle IV
Timeline: MD01 0800

Things had been a complete blur since the event. The Proxima had headed to Bajor at max warp but the Breen ignored the borders and continued. They followed close behind until they where turned away by a joint force of the Bajorn Defense Force and the Strike group from DS9.

The demands made by the Breen where many and not completely out of line. One of their worlds had not just been attacked it had been wiped from existence. It as if the people on that planet had never existed, but they had and someone must pay for the loss. Since the Federation had no evidence that said that the Proxima didn't do it and even the crew who had no clue what had happen could 100% say they where innocent. Bjorn knew his crew would never but he had nothing in the heat of the moment that he could prove it.

The Federation had no choice but to give into many of the Breen's demands. They had agreed that any crewmen above Chief Petty Officer and all Officers would be transported on the USS Valhalla to Tchalle IV to be held till they stood trial.

That is where we find Bjorn and what was left of the crew in various cages in a cave. It was v2ery low tech but very effective. The Valhalla was still on Tchalle IV as the crew had not only transported the offenders but also a Diplomatic delegation that was trying to work out the rest of the concessions for peace in the region.

Bjorn was tired and cold. It was so damp in the cave and what they had left them for cloths was not up to par. The Federation would normally ensure their people where treated humanly but not them. For what the Federation believed the crew had committed Genocide and was no longer their concern. Bjorn looked over the ones in his cage. "Anyone have any good ideas?"

Kee'Bhor stopped his pushups at sat down in the middle of the cage. While he was always a little disheveled, his clothes were ragged and very loose, him having lost much of his portly state. "Bloodwine is always a good idea," He half chuckled. "Which since this place is sorely lacking, I suggest new accommodations."

Chris had already checked the cage he was in "no way out of this thing" he said looking over toward the other to and continued looking around the room for some way out.

Lon rubbed his hands together, trying to push out the numbness which lingered in his fingers. He watched Chris at his investigation. "They didn't build the cage around us." Lon noted. "Our way in is also our way out."

"Out of the cage won't be hard," Kee'Bhor said frankly. "Well certainly no cake walk. The hinges are the weak point, and specifically the door side. I'd guess they built the cage and doors separately and attached them in place. Just need some lever action and I can have you all out. However, what do we do then?" He looked at the hinge again for a brief moment before leaning back against the bars and looking around.

"Well I am glad we agree that we need to do something, dah." Bjorn said smiling at his Klingon friend. "If we stand trial we are dead. I was thinking about this. And maybe Chris can give us a tactical update on guards and all but if we can get as many of us freed and can overwhelm the guards maybe we can make it to the ship that brought us." Bjorn looked at the other senior staff for reactions.

Evans gave a nod "Two stand guard at the door, they are armed. Then there is that one" there was one that would walk a route through the cages every three hours.

Lon turned away from the XO and security chief, looking out at the other Proxima prisoners, each handling their situation as best they can. All those that he could see, despite their worry and uncertainty, tried to remain Starfleet. He frowned, recalling the stories he'd heard from P.O.Ws held by the Breen during the Dominion War. "We'll lose a lot of people trying it that way. Too many."

"My death is on my terms, which will not be on my knees," Kee'Bhor responded very seriously.

Chris couldn't agree more with Kee'Bhor and looked over at Bjorn and gave a nod.

While Bjorn sided with his fellow warrior he took into account the concern of Lon. Bjorn walked over to where Lon was. "Do you have another idea?" He asked hoping that the mad genius would come up with something.

"Some percentage of an idea." A smile tugged at the corners of the Betazoid's mouth. "Have you ever heard of The Sentok Nor Shell Game?"

"Well if it doesn't deviate from other shell games I get the geist." Bjorn was intrigued. "How would we pull it off?"

"We've only got the one ship, so we'll have to get the timing just right, but the basic plan is to sneak aboard the Valhalla when it's due to depart and beam everyone out right before they jump to warp." Lon scratched his beard thoughtfully. "Just need something to make the Breen think we're all still locked up tight once we've done it so they don't blast us out of the sky. K.B. what would you need to rig up a holoprojector?"

"A holoprojector?" Kee'Bhor responded thoughtfully. "A holoprojector.... Yes that could be possible. A few emitter diodes, a tricorder or two, some connections. It wouldn't be able to last long most likely." He shifted his sitting posture in the cage to something a little more comfortable, obviously still contemplating the request. "Shouldn't take me too long. They won't be works of art, but they should fool the automated sensors for a little while."

Was sounding like a far fetched plan but it was the best one they had. "If we only knew where to get the supplies I could take Evans and bring it back for you two to rig it up." Bjorn looked around and noticed a storage door over in the back. "Wonder what's in there?"

"Somewhere with tools, hopefully." Lon replied, following the XO's gaze. "Anyway once the projector's rigged up it's a simple case of syncing up the images with people standing around and waiting for our ride to depart."

"We may have a better shot of rushing the ship if it we don't wait. If we strike during the diplomatic meetings it will mean less resistance on the ship." Bjorn started to grin as the plan worked out. "Chris keep an eye on the patrol. As soon as he is out of the way KB will break us out and we will make our way to that storage door."

Kee'Bhor lifted himself up onto his feet, which he made look like it was a feat in itself and glanced down at his loose clothing. "Gagh and bloodwine," He mumbled to himself as he walked over to the back of his cage. He wrapped his hands around one of the bars facing the wall and with a little twisting and bending it popped off, obviously having been weakened. He brought the bar back to the door, watching carefully to ensure no guards were watching, checked the shape of his prying end, nodded and sat it below the lip of the door, out of sight of anyone looking into his cage. "Let me know when," He finally said sitting back down leaning against the side bars of the cage.

"Have fun, you two." Lon clapped Bjorn on the shoulder. "Try not to get caught."

Evans was keeping an eye out for the guard, from his guess that still had several minutes.

Bjorn looked around one last time before giving the go ahead. He say the intel officer keeping to herself in the corner. "T'ponga, Chris and I could use a hand." Having the extra arms, and eyes would be vital.

T'Ponga moved fast and directly for KB to help with the prying of the hinge.

KB hopped up at the nod of Bjorn, moving at a speed he hadn't moved in a while. He quickly leaned the bar into the hinge and with a little leverage popped the first hinge, and repeated for the other two. The door leaned inwards which rested on his shoulder until he could shift it against the bars. He repeated the process for each of the doors freeing his fellow cell mates. "It won't hold up to an inspection, but we can easily put them back in place and at a glance they should look normal."

"Could you use a lock picker?", T'Ponga said looking at Bjorn. I believe I can get to the supplies we need by picking the use an earth term ", she said quickly.

"Yep, Chris and T are with me KB and Lon keep up the rouse here until we return. Once we are back you two will put together the contraption." Bjorn gave one last look and the three took off for the door keeping to the walls.


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