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Intelligence Meets Security

Posted on Sun Mar 10th, 2019 @ 12:23am by Lieutenant T'Ponga Daughter of House Mordok

Mission: Before.....
Location: Various
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"Fek'lar!", she said, slaming her fist hard on her desk. Looking at her assistant, "Can't SFI ever get their intel right? Who do they think I am? Kahless, the Betazoid ambassador? Or worse?", she growled.

"Sir, those were the orders. You were transfered here because the Admiral knew you could do the job. I think you would be happy you are not stuck behind a desk. T'Ponga I have served with you for years now and I know that you hate being tied to a desk", the small Ensign said.

"Yes Ensign you are right as usual. Tell me something, how do you put up with me all these years?", she asked.

"Sir, it has not been easy but I have learned about you and it has made my job easier over the years", Ensign Richard's said, handing T'Ponga a PADD. "Um....sir shouldn't you go see the Security Chief? You did say you were going to", she added.

"Ah yes...the Chief of Security. I will be back shortly", T'Ponga said getting up to leave.

=====A Few Moments Later=====

Standing in front of the chief's door, she hit the chime and waited.

Lieutenant Evans didn't remember having any meetings scheduled, but put his PADD down and called out "Come in" with his southern accent.

"Good day Lt. Evans. I am Lt. T'Ponga CIO. I thought it would be prudent to get to know each other", she said smiling.

He stood up and the large man extended his right hand "pleasure to meet you."

Taking the Lieutenants hand, T'Ponga gave it a good strong handshake. "The pleasure is mine actually", she said. "What do you know of SFI? What I mean is do you have....or more directly have you eiver worked with SFI?", she asked. "If so, how recently was it?", she queried.

"Not much" he said with his southern accent and shrugged "I've never had the opportunity" he added.

"Oh? No matter.....I thought it prudent to get to know my security personnel before we go any further. I am interested in understanding how you would handle say an unexpected intruder who some how managed to bypass all the ships security systems and fail safes. Oh I must warn you one thing, I was a CEO for many years and this was the one thing I always made sure that security knew how to handle it", T'Ponga said, sitting down.

"Well" Evans said and raised a brow "I believe they are MY security personnel and I would follow Starfleet protocol" he added.

"Yes...quite right Lt. Evans. YOUR security people. Sometimes I do forget myself", she grinned. "I do apologize for that. Could you tell me how good your people are? What I mean is would they go the extra mile just to get the job done even if it meant they would jave to disobey a direct order?", she mused. Yes there was madness to her thinking and his answer would yell her hat she needed to know.

"Depends on the situation" he smiled "I'd say they are all dedicated to the Federation and are quite skilled."

"I see, and if the situation demanded that they stand fast and not yeild, inspite of the odds against them, would they stand and fight to the last man?", T'Ponga asked.

"I believe they would" he said with confidence and I would do the same. "The protection of this ship and crew are the utmost importance."

"Good that is what I want to hear, a security department that is willing to give up their lives for the lives of ship and crew. I am sure you and your security people will do a good job on this ship and in any circumstance no matter what situation we end up in", T'Ponga said.

"I can assure you they will be prepared" he gave a nod.

"Good Lt. Evans I am pleased with your answer and I admire a man who speaks for his men", T'Ponga said smiling, and offered her hand to him. "Lt. Evans it was an honor", she concluded.

Chris gave a nod with a slight smile.

Lt. T'Ponga Daughter of House Morlok
USS Valhalla

Lt. Christopher Evans
Chief of Security
USS Valhalla


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