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Posted on Thu Feb 28th, 2019 @ 10:53am by Lieutenant JG Vreia zh'Elaith

Mission: Before.....
Location: zh'Elaith's Quarters, USS Valhalla
Timeline: Night before MD01, 2315 hours
Tags: solo, zh'Elaith, backstory

Naturally, the planet time and ship time were off. Vreia was going to spend the night resting, but the sun beamed through her windows. The blinds were shut. Claustrophobia forced her to reopen the windows. Her arms stretched out as she yawned. There was no chance for rest at the moment. She admitted defeat and got out of bed. Rest wasn’t necessary, though. The ship wasn’t going anywhere.

Vreia’s hope was that this new assignment to the USS Valhalla would be exciting. Those hopes were dashed now that the ship was grounded for the foreseeable future. Now, they were to stay on the planet Tchalle IV. From transporting delegates to transporting criminals.

A Starfleet crew was on trial for erasing an entire planet from the galaxy. The Valhalla was assigned to enact justice as well as being a diplomatic resource for the elusive Breen. Just the thought of working with the refrigerated species sent a chill down her spine. But diplomacy was slow. Too slow for Vreia. It could be months before the ship returns to open space.

The itch for flying was getting worse. There’s little work for a docked pilot. She could only reconfigure the propulsion conduits so many times before getting bored. Vreia spent most of her time in the holodeck with some starfighter racing. The remainder of her free time was spent reading about the new Quantum Slipstream drive, which the ship had yet to use. The Captain decided that it was “only for emergencies.”


Her boredom reached an all-time high. She looked through the LCARS files on the USS Proxima. The mission docket that all officers receive was vague. Too vague for a Starfleet report. It was obvious that something was redacted. Something that a junior officer like her would never get access to. She took things into her own hands. “Computer, open personnel files of the USS Proxima.” The computer hummed alive as the display turned on.

Her eyes scanned the computer. The ship seemed normal. There wasn’t any reported armaments capable of vaporizing an entire world. The crew was not out of the ordinary, too. There were no red flags. No one seemed prime to take extremist actions. Pictures flashed on the screen of the officers from the vessel. All of which were now held in custody on the exact planet she was on. XO, CIO, CMO, CEO, the CSOs—none seemed out of the ordinary for a Starfleet officer. Her antenna twitched.

She spoke softly to herself, “Pawns.” Obviously the Federation would rather admit that a rogue crew caused the destruction. Starfleet could denounce them. It would be easier than fighting a lengthy legal battle, or by taking fault. Either could lead to war. This part of space was still destabilized from the influence of the Dominion. No one wanted war. Well, someone might have, then decided to pin it on innocents.

Ah, it must have been her fatigue. A conspiracy? No, that’s too exciting for this assignment. Vreia crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair. She took a deep breath in, thinking about her own “imprisonment” on Andoria. If it weren’t for luck, she would still be there. Her eyes glanced to a picture frame on her desk. She and her spouses all in a loving embrace. Her lips pulled back into a smile. Flashes of memories bounced in the back of her head. Maybe that’s all the crew of the Proxima needed: luck.

The room speaker chimed. "Lieutenant zh'Elaith, report to Captain's Ready Room."


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