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Putting words into actions.

Posted on Tue Mar 12th, 2019 @ 11:25pm by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant T'Ponga Daughter of House Mordok & Lieutenant Christopher Evans & Lieutenant Kee’Bhor House of Maal & Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Lieutenant JG Vreia zh'Elaith

Mission: Jailbreak
Location: Breen Cells/USS Valhalla
Timeline: MD01 1300h

The time had come. They had a unproven fairly brash plan laid out. Now it was up to the execution of the plan to decide their fates. Bjorn knew the patrolling guard was due to come by so he knelled in the corner and talked to the gods asking that they allow him to use the strength within to win the day.

One of the security staff let out a low whistle which was the sign that the guard was here. It was now or never. Bjorn rose and walked to the cage door and gave a nod as two other crew moved it away. "Your up" He whispered to Chris as it was his job to neutralize one of the last obstacles between them and the ship.

Chris snuck in behind the guard and with a few moves had him unconscious on the floor. He turned and gave a nod to the team.

The crew watched Evans use his specialized training to win the moment. "Helmets on" Bjorn said as he slipped one of the captured Breen helmets over his head. They now had enough for KB, Evans, T'Ponga, and himself. This is how they would get close enough to the ship.

KB looked at the tannish colored Breen uniform he was wearing, which fit slightly better than the rags that had been his uniform and sighed. "I feel like a bIHnuch," he said dryly before placing the helmet over his head as well. He secured it in place, feeling the slight restriction around his head. He didn't like it, felt like there was some dishonor in hiding behind the enemy's uniform, but understood the needs of the plan. "Let's do this," He said with conviction.

T'Ponga had already put the Breen uniform on and now kust attached the helmet. Not the best fit, but none the less she wore it. "Ok let's get this party rolling. We got a job to do!", stating the obvious need for alacrity.

Once everyone was ready to go Bjorn led the rag tag group of Breen towards the mouth of the cave that lead outside. It was dark out so they would not have to have the eyes adjust to the light outside. A small group of yellow shirt, made up of security, and ops crew followed a few paces behind. The only weapons they had was in the hands of Bjorn and Evans had both found or confiscated two Breen phasers.

As they exited the mouth of the cave there was a chill in the air and a gorgeous newly refitted Intrepid class ship in front of them. "Remember, stun and incapacitate the fleet crew only." He reminded his assault team. They looked like a group of Breen out for a stroll when they walked up to the ramp that lead to their way off the planet. There where two security officers posted at the foot of the ramp. Bjorn looked over at Evans and with a nod the two brought their weapons up and fired from the hip. The stun blast took each officer by surprise. "T'Ponga and KB drag them onto the ship. Evans post two of your men here."

Grabbing one of the two officers, she quickly hefted him on her shoulder and carried him up the ramp. Putting him down out of sight she retrieved the weapon and waited for Kee'Bhor.

Following in T'Ponga's foot steps KB grabbed the other security officer by the armpits and dragged him up the ramp. He put the officer in a nook of the compartment the ramp led to, and disarmed the security officer as well, placing the phaser in what was an empty holster to this point after ensuring the phaser was set to stun. He glanced quickly around the ramp compartment and saw no one else. "This officer's phaser wasn't set to stun. Keep your heads swiveling. Who's coming with me to Engineering?"

"No one yet we are all headed to the bridge." Bjorn said as he started to lead the group. "Evans you have the rear. We move fast and quiet." He said hoping that with many of the crew on the surface this could get done with at little fuss as possible.

"When the time comes I will go with you to engineering. But first we follow the captain's wishes", T'Ponga said quietly.

KB simply nodded to T'Ponga, as no words were needed. He began to build a checklist in his mind of running all the necessary things required from a station up at the bridge. He formed himself up in the group just ahead of Evans, his eyes moving around taking in every bit of information he could while his mind went through the paces of what he would need to do so he would be ready. With everything seemingly set there, he pulled the phaser back out, checked the settings and waited to move.

The team moved quick and because many of them had been on away missions together over the years they moved like a well oiled machine. As they neared a juncture in the corridor, Bjorn peeked around the corner and snapped back and hugged the wall. He held up two fingers and then the sign that they where walking away. Adrenaline was pumping. He took a breath and looked again they where gone. He waved his hand and the team continued on their way.

They made it to the lift and would lead them to the bridge. As they loaded in. "Ok, We take this quick and painless as possible. Anyone that goes for a weapon on tries to push a button on the console we stun." He told the group. "Anyone have issue with that?"

Setting his phaser to a mid stun level "I'm good" Chris said giving his CO a nod.

Checking her phaser and setting it to the stun setting, "I am good to go", T'Ponga said nodding to her CO.

It was now or never. Bjorn pushed the button the doors slide open. There was someone in the center chair, one at the helm, and two others at auxiliary stations.

"Hands up back away from your consoles." Bjorn said as soon as he could as his team spread out the bridge. "Do not reach for a weapon or to your consoles!" As Bjorn gave this order he saw the officer in the center reach down for the chair console. Bjorn fired his weapon slumping the officer out of the chair.

Bjorn scanned the room and when he didnt see anything further he started to take off his helmet. "I am Commander Tyrson. We are the crew you dropped here to die. We are innocent and we plan to use your ship to prove that. No one will be hurt and we plan to drop this crew off on a Federation outpost." Bjorn looked at the remaining crew. "T start getting us access to systems and lock it down."

Vreia noticed the pressure difference when the crew entered the bridge. She didn't want to get stunned like the commander, but she wasn't willing to give up her position. She stood up, hands in the air, but stayed close to her console.

T'Ponga moved to the engineering console and began inputing her security codes and over rode all the safeties and locked down everything. The only thing that could be accessed was the main bridge controls for the person who had the proper authorization codes. "All controls are locked down and only those with the proper authorizon codes may unlock a single station", she said smiling.

As the hijacker started infiltrating the security access, Vreia turned her attention to the human who announced himself. She recognized him from the database as the XO from the Proxima. "And what's your plan when you get control of the vessel? Attempt to leave the planet, but get shot down by the Breen before getting out of the system?" She smirked, "It seems you just signed your own death warrant."

"A death warrant was signed when we were sent here. We have set things up that the first they will know something is up is when we pull the rest of your crew out of their meeting. By the time the know something is wrong we will already be breaking orbit and hopefully we can figure out the QSD for a quick escape." Bjorn relied to the spunky one at the helm

The Andorian scoffed. She couldn't help, but laugh. "I had to sit through a 3 week training, and 5 hours worth of training simulations to even get the drive operational." She lowered her hands down slightly, not enough to show a threat. "Either the Breen are going to catch up to us and shoot us down, or everyone and the ship is going to be scattered over 10 lightyears."

Vreia's tone shifted flat, "Look, if we are going to make it out of here in one piece, you're going to need someone with experience flying the QSD. Anything else would be suicide."

KB slid over to the engineering station, cracked his knuckles as he looked all around the station. the operating system was set slightly differently then he was used to, and needed to find all the necessary buttons while the checklist ordered itself in his head. He began typing away quickly, pulling up current ship conditions as well as prepping the transporters and having the lifeforms on the ship start to be tracked for transportation.

"We look good, I can have us powered up and off the ground in a few minutes. Slip drive is of a design I know, so I can get that set as well. Luckily you were right Bjorn, no fancy cold starts here," KB stated as he concentrated on the screen getting different prompts and settings tweaked. "However," he turned looking at Bjorn and the spunky officer, "The one with spunk is probably right. Slipstream can be touchy on a good day." He tapped away more and glanced over at Evans, "Let me know when you're ready with Cargo Bay 2, and I'll transport and we can get this show on the road."

Bjorn had a feeling in his gut that this was going to well. He heard his crew start calling in. He also listened to the Helm officer and what they had to say made sense. "How do I trust you won't just sabatage us just set a course for the nearest Starbase that is waiting for us?"

Vreia's smirk left her face and her eyes squinted slightly. "I know what it means to be helpless. And I can't stand idly by while the Federation chooses the easy way out over the lives of Starfleet officers. There's no way for me to prove it to you. You'll just need to trust me."

Evans gave a nod over to KB after tapping in some commands "ready"

KB nodded and tapped a few more commands on the console, his fingers gently sliding across the screen. He shifted his weight, turned and looked at Bjorn, "Ready to start on your command."

"Bjorn I can tell if she is lying or not. Remember I am also part betazoid", T'Ponga stated, looking at Bjoran.

"T'ponga Keep an eye on her. KB beam ship crew to Cargo bay, leave her. Then our people to the ship, then we will snag the diplomats in that order." Bjorn was in overdrive he almost forgot that they had reworked a Breen communication device for limited two way traffic. He grabbed it out of his pocket. "I hope you read me Alpha, Mike, Foxtrot!!!" He sat down in the center chair starting to pull up status reports. "Hey Helm, you got a name?"

"Sherthvreia," she said as gave small salute. She turned and sat in her station, "Vreia, for short." Her hands glided over her console. The mixture of being a fugitive and the forthcoming chase made her antennae surge with activity. "Welcome to Valhalla... Captain."

"It's Commander, Commander Bjorn. Start your preflight checks we need to ready to go." Bjorn replied as he kept his eye on his arm chair console waiting to see some action.

"I will keep one eye on her and the other for the diplomats that I was ordered to secure, Commander", T'Ponga stated.

KB's fingers started dancing across the screen as he talked to himself quietly. Different parameters were quickly activating as the algorithms he produced were conducting an orchestra of events on the console. The blue light of the transporter beams enveloped and whisked away the ship's crew to the cargo bay, a sight KB didn't see, focusing on the panel, but the noise unmistakable. "Evans, in five seconds, lock the cargo bay down."

"Aye" Chris said and started counting backwards in his mind, finger on the ready to do what he was instructed.

A moment later the blue flashes started again, but whisking their fellow crew mates onto the bridge. The rest of KB's efforts were done without any visuals, as the diplomats and the rest of the crew were placed in other parts of the Valhalla. His fingers slid away from the screen as the last of the parameters completed their operations. "Bjorn, 20 seconds and we are set with crew transfers. Engineering is green for takeoff, however I feel my place is down there now, if you are set with me here.“

Bjorn had watched the transport dance play out on his monitor. Crew here, crew there, even the diplomats had been beamed back. He wasn't sure how that would fair in the grand scheme but he didn't want to wait around to find out. "Yes head down. Nice work" He said to KB as Lon and Andrews appeared on the bridge with the last of the transports.

"Mr. Genestra if you could start finding me a Federation outpost that we can drop off these Fleet staff please. T'Ponga you are here by appointed as my XO handle Operations for me. Chris start getting your people in secure locations." He kept handing out the orders. "Doc, makes sure Medbay is ready just in case. And finally Vreia lets get out of here before this plan blows up. Get us to Orbit best speed."

Lon nodded to Bjorn, a quick, taciturn acknowledgement of the order, as he took up position at the science station.

Evans started tapping in commands, sending several different security teams orders. Giving a nod to his superior officer "on it sir."

KB disappeared off the bridge the moment the Greener released him, moving with a grace almost unexpected of a ragged looking Klingon. He boarded the turbolift, stating Engineering in a commanding voice before the lift doors even finished opening up. They closed swiftly behind him and sent him off towards his intended destination.

"Yes captain", T'Ponga said taking the operations station. Her hands dancing over the console allocating power for KB for what he needed and for the helm to get them into orbit.

"Yes, sir," said a beaming Vreia. Blue alert was sounded. She had to adjust to a higher altitude climb than usual, but not anything that the inertial dampener couldn't handle. "Engaging atmospheric thrusters." The ship slowly lifted off of the surface. "Retracting landing gear." The ship hovered for only a few seconds before she punched in a high velocity.

T'Ponga's hands adjusted the power allocations accordingly as the Valhalla rose into the atmosphere. Turning to the helm officer, "Vreia do you have enough power for the navigational deflectors and the slipstream deflectors on the hull?", she asked.

Vreia switched her eyes from the flight control to substation power supply, "The more juice we push into the deflectors, the smoother the ride. But, we have enough to get us going." The ship pulled out of the atmosphere. She received the coordinates from the Science console. Normally, she would wait for the captain to order the warp, but the Breen wouldn't wait for decorum. With a flash, the Valhalla entered the slipstream.


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