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I hope this works

Posted on Tue Mar 12th, 2019 @ 11:25pm by Chief Petty Officer Willie Jackson & Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Ensign Addison Montgomery

Mission: Jailbreak
Location: Breen Cells
Timeline: MD01 1315h

Willie had sat back and watched during the initial construction of the devises. He had however offered to be with Lon and Doc as the last team beamed out to ensure the devices worked. "Unlike many I think this is the best plan we have to get out of here." He said as he approached Lon and Addison.

Genestra turned from his contemplation of the cells and nodded his appreciation of Willie's thanks. "They'll come around once things get under way. Speaking of.." he tapped Addison on the shoulder. "Time we started setting up, hm?"

Addison nodded, taking one of the devices. "I suppose we're not getting any younger in here."

"You two find somewhere to deploy these two," Lon gestured to two of the three emitters with his left hand. "I'll start repopulating our cell." He knelt and picked up the final emitter. It was a squat black cylinder, greater in diameter than in height, with numerous uneven protrusions across its surface and side. "I estimate projection radius at about 5 yards, although we'll probably start to lose image resolution after about 4, maybe four and a half."

Addison didn't like the sound of that. "Doesn't give us a lot of wiggle room..."

"I am sure we have a few more minutes do you want me to look and see if the signal can be boosted at all?" Willie offered. He had no clue if he could but was willing to try.

Lon shrugged. He didn't know Willie too well, but had heard no complaints about his work or abilities from KB. "Any improvement you can make. I was given to understand the limited projection was a function of the optics low quality than a lack of signal strength?" In all fairness that was far more KB's department than his.

Willie got a chance to really see the devices up close. "This is pretty awesome" he said with a boyish grin. He turned his attention to the pile of supplies they had brought back. After looking through stuff. "What about you extract the power sources out of these PADDS and maybe the added juice can boost the signals."

Lon powered up the emitter he held. Small points of light appeared in the protrusions on its surface. "Would need a way to regulate either the power flow or the temperature. The connections won't hold up under the extra power otherwise. Might not anyway. Addison, what do you think? Worth the risk?"

Addison raised her eyebrows. "What do we have to lose at this point?"

"From what I gather from the Commander's plan is we don't need them to sustain for a long period. We just need them to not tip off the Breen that the cells are empty. That way once on the ship we can get clear of the system. If they burn up later then thats fine I think." Willie gave his two cents even though he wasn't asked.

Lon placed the emitter on the floor of the cell and then stood. He stroked his beard and nodded thoughtfully whilst listening to his companions advice. "My concern is that our modifications might burn them out before we leave." It did not take much to imagine the vengeance the Breen would visit upon them is they were caught beaming people out of the cells. "By my calculations, we can survive with two emitters and some luck. The central cell emitter is the one least likely to be missed if it should fail. Why don't we start with that one?" He looked at the others for their opinion.

"Sounds like a very sound Executive decision." Willie said with a grin he was just ready to be out of the musty cave.

Just then the communication device they had rigged up chirped to life. "I hope you read me Alpha, Mike, Foxtrot!!!" came the voice of Bjorn. Willie looked at Addison and Lon. "We have the ship. We need to hurry."

Addison nodded definitely. "Agreed. Let's move."

Lon retrieved the tricorder he'd programmed the hologram pattern into from its hiding place amongst a pile of rags. 'So much for breaking in the emitters gently.' he thought to himself as he sent instructions to the first emitter. "First group ready for transport." He looked to Addison and Willie, awaiting confirmation of the positioning of the remaining emitters.

Willie scrambled pushing his way through the prisoners to get to the agreed spot. He set it down and gave Lon a thumbs up as he both turned their attention to Addison who had to get to the far spot to active hers.

Moving into position, Addison set the tricorder down. She activated the tricorder, looked back to the other two, gave a thumbs up, and mouthed, "Go."

The blue lights of transporter beams reflected off the dull walls of the cave. Lon worked diligently to keep up with the pace of the beams outs and ensure the clockwork of escape ticked along in good order. 'This was a lot easier when everyone could read each others minds.' the Beatzoid mused to himself. Despite the difficulty, it would be hard for him not to derive enjoyment from the commencement of the plan however -the precision necessary in matching the introduction of the hologram prisoners with the departure of the actual crew members; the thrill that comes with the risk of discovery; the satisfaction of knowing that every person beamed away was a person saved; all combined to bury the dire consequences of failure.

'This was really gonna happen.' Willie thought as he watched the groups get beamed up. Then there where three. Willie looked first at Doctor Addison and then to the Science Officer as the blue light encircled the three of them. They at least would not be dying in these cells.



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