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Posted on Sat Mar 2nd, 2019 @ 11:28pm by Lieutenant JG Vreia zh'Elaith

Mission: Before.....
Location: CO's Ready Room, USS Valhalla
Timeline: Night before MD01, 0000 hours
Tags: solo, zh'Elaith, backstory

Why would Vreia be called to the ready room at midnight? Whatever it was, she figured she shouldn't keep them waiting. After a quick turbolift ride, she approached the Ready Room door. Only seconds later, the door opened. Inside, a male stood, looking over the sunny landscape.

The andorian took a step in. She took a deep breath before speaking. "You needed me?"

The male crooked his head over his shoulder to speak to her. The tip of his ears pierced upwards alongside his eyebrows. It was Ambassador Rekka. Someone who Vreia only had a passing introduction to when she was on-boarded. Something about diplomats gave her the shivers. They had a different code. Cut from a different cloth. Starfleet officers had duty to each other, diplomats had a duty to the Federation council.

"Yes. Please have a seat."

Vreia took a step down and sat on the edge of the couch he was standing by. The Vulcan ambassador turned, and stood in front of her. His hands clasped behind his back.

"According to the computer alert system, you were looking up the USS Proxima crew," he said.

The pilot smirked, "Just cutting to the chase, are we? No formal introductions or anything?"

The Vulcan did not respond to her. He took a quick breath before speaking, "Candor is appreciated. What was the nature of your information request on the personnel file?"

Vreia shook her head slightly. "Just some light bedtime reading. Helps me sleep."

She didn't understand why a diplomat was questioning a flight controller on these things. It wasn't as if she was a lawyer or an intelligence agent. Or why it was information worth being questioned about in the first place.

Rekka showed no signs of annoyance. "Was the mission docket not explicit about the charges against the defendants?"

"Defendants?" Vreia said. Her antennae fixed on Rekka. "Those are Starfleet officers. We should be doing all it takes to make sure that they get fair trial."

"The 'defendants' are under the judicial system of the Breen, and the trial will be conducted according to their procedure."

Vreia turned to look out the window, her thoughts on the crew of the Proxima. "So we leave them to the will of the Breen. Might as well write their obituaries now."

"Death is only one possibility. We must not encroach on the Breen's disciplinary approach. Doing so would certainly end in death. The death of millions of innocent of Federation civilians."

Vreia stood up, getting face to face with. As much as she could, that is. He was a head taller. Her hand shot out towards the window "And here we are, doing nothing to try and clear their names."

"You base their innocence on conjecture, Lieutenant," said Rekka. "Not facts. We are working this case under the due process of the Breen. It seems as though your emotions are obscuring your judgement. To prevent further misinformation, you will be restricted from the LCARS database. As well, you are expected on the bridge at 0530 hours. You will be on duty until dismissed by a ranking officer. I am being courteous without giving further reprimands." He raised a brow, "Dismissed."

Vreia's hands balled into a fist. She gritted her teeth and shook her head. She contemplated how much trouble she would get for striking the ambassador. "Well, consider me lucky."

Before she did anything she would later regret, she exited the room.


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