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A Deal is a deal

Posted on Wed Mar 13th, 2019 @ 11:49am by Lieutenant Elspeth 'Pip' Lennox & Commander Bjorn Tyrson

Mission: Jailbreak
Location: Breen Conference room
Timeline: MD01 1530h

The tension could be cut with a knife. The crew of the Valhalla had been waiting for a full day after dropping off the crew to stand trial. Finally, the Breen were allowing the team to conduct some sort of negotiations. As the two species sat across a table that was made of gold they just stared. Waiting for the other start. Finally, the Breen's top Commander came in the room and took the center chair on his side.

"Captain, thank you for upholding your people's word and bring the murderous crew to face justice." He said in a very electronically enhanced voice. "This is a good show of faith by your people. Now we can start having talks to bring our peoples further away from an open war and the end of the Federation."

"Thank you for hosting this meeting," Elspeth Lennox spoke up after a nod from her captain. The slender woman only barely missed titling the meet as a trap. She'd never been terribly fond of the Breen. Their handling of prisoners was nothing short of brutal. The way that a people treated their prisoners, their poor and weak defined them far more than an armada of ships or great shows of prestige and power. The lowest denominator almost always held the key. "It' rather good of you to take the first steps towards quelling this budding war without threats or further acts of violence," her sarcasm was a thin, sharp edge to her words. "It's almost as if you like us.. Barring that twist of irony, let's get down to business, shall we?"

The Breen Commander looked at the Captain and then to the purple-shirted officer addressing him. "We do not like you but those pitiful fools have left the Federation with what is your term 'Your shorts under your knees'" A chuckle could be heard under the helmet. It was an odd noise as Breen rarely are known for humor. "We will deal with the scum how we see fit. You will concede 10 light years of Border to us and support us as we take back our worlds that the Cardassians have claimed since the end of their war."

"We'll do no such thing," the Brit bit back crisply. Sitting as she was, she could feel the pressure of her captain's knee close to hers, his fingers spelling out short phrases as she spoke atop her knee. "You've asked for the sacrificial lambs which begrudgingly have been passed your way. This is a token for you to flaunt before your people. That was the one and only caveat that we're prepared to give you at this time without you being just as generous, Commander. You've not come into this conflict with bloodless hands and snow white boots yourself."

"We have never committed mass genocide of your people during a time of peace and rebuilding. Generations of Breens, whole family lines have been whipped from the future history books." He said with almost a hiss. "Your agents of war have started just that the death of a handful does not replace the deaths of millions!"

"During a time of peace, no," conceded Lennox with a slight tilt of her head. "And as you know, the death of any individual be it one or three million won't be bought back regardless of how many are sacrificed in their name. Gifting you expanded boundaries won't meet that blood price. Especially when you've been authorizing ships to cross those borders illegally for months now in anticipation of what planets were the best pickings."

Elspeth wished she had her hands around a mug of tea during the discourse. The room was entirely too chilly for her taste. The damp air teased at her ears and what few strands of hair her the nape of her neck. "Of the three pilots captured, two gave startlingly similar reports of your intentions, sir. And the meeting place? Here.. Instead of a neutral planet. The armament of your guards- You're not here for peace. You're here for resources. On my world we call that blood money."

"You can call it what you want. Right now only blood to be spilled is the caged dogs of war. You decide here today if there will be more." He said folding his arms.

Lennox mirrored the stance. She had a sinking feeling in her gut that this would go horribly south rather soon. Still, she had her orders- just as her captain did. She'd hoped that he'd have something to interject: some hidden ace up his sleeve that was going to turn the tide, but he was solemn and stiff. He looked like a doomed man. "Negotiations only work if both sides are negotiating anything. If you aren't here to put something on the table, commander, then you're all but guaranteeing that this conflict continues. What happened was a terrible tragedy. It would be on any world regardless of who's side or what race was struck the blow. Asking for boundary extensions is simply out of the scope of what the Federation is currently prepared to offer in recompensation. To be quite blunt, should we leave if we are able, the next diplomatic envoy will tell you the same thing. Regardless of race, of alliance- you will not find a hardier, more stubborn, tenacious collection of souls anywhere on the galactic map than you will in this quadrant."

"We're prepared to offer humanitarian aid, build a trade outpost that caters to your people at the boundary, share advanced medical technology, give you the crew that you demanded-" Elspeth's stomach still knotted over that point, "but that is all."

The Breen Commander made a motion and the Breen contingent started to leave out of the room. "We will go discuss how we want to proceed. I suggest you consider your offer carefully." He said as he stood to leave.

Once the room was clear the Vulcan Ambassador, who looked almost fearful, turned to her group. "If we are not careful we may not leave here with our lives either." Ambassador Rekka warned.

Lennox arched a fine black brow at the statement. "If you came to a meet with the expectation of leaving with your life and limbs intact, I'm afraid that you weren't well versed on the Breen, ambassador. We weren't sent here to win," she explained as she leaned back in her chair. "This was to set the board. The chess game will begin as we- the pawns- make our moves."

And almost on cue the Diplomatic team was on the move. The Blue hue of transporters surrounded them and when the hue dissipated the board room was replaced with the grey inner hull of the Cargo bay. And they where joined by the rest of the crew of the Valhalla.

"..Bugger," uttered Lennox darkly. This was just what they needed.


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