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Speedy Delivery

Posted on Mon Mar 25th, 2019 @ 1:20pm by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant T'Ponga Daughter of House Mordok & Lieutenant Christopher Evans & Lieutenant Kee’Bhor House of Maal & Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Lieutenant JG Vreia zh'Elaith

Mission: Jailbreak
Location: Sarin Outpost

Things where still pretty tense. Bjorn was hoping that they had picked the right place to drop off the crew. He knew it would be ok for them, but did they do their homework enough that their would not be a garrison waiting for them as soon as they dropped out. He knew by know everyone was looking for them. "Vreia, ETA to Sarin Outpost?"

“Ten minutes out, sir,” said Vreia. She spun around in her seat to face the center chair. “When we drop out of slipstream, we won’t be able to engage it for a few hours so the variance deflector has time to reset. We’ll be able to use regular warp, but we’ll be easier to track and catch that way.”

"Not if we can cloak the ship", T'Ponga said quickly. She had an old trick up her sleeve. One she had used many times before and it never failed so far.

Lon looked over at the intelligence officer from his position at the science station. "That'll be difficult without a cloaking device."

"Don't need one. Parabolic mirrirs and holoemitters, and change the warp signatures to emitt a different signature. I've done it before", T'Ponga replied.

"Sounds like a tad to much work for a skeleton crew we will rely on emergency warp to keep distance until we can make a jump." Bjorn said as the tension of dropping out of the slipstream was raising. He turned to Lon. "Picking up anything that could be trouble?"

"Sensors show one craft in system; a type 11 shuttle." Lon swiped through the information he'd brought up on Sarin Outpost and frowned. "There's no record of any type 11's being assigned to the outpost."

The countdown on Bjorn's timer hit zero. The viewscreen showed them drop out of slipstream and the station was very large in front of them. "Well done Vreia." He commended the helm. "Red alert." He said as the news from the science officer was still stuck in his head. "Tactical active scans. Lon keep and eye out as well." He pressed his com channel. "KB start the transports." He turned to T'Ponga. "I hope this works."

Engineering's hustle and bustle changed drastically the moment they dropped out of the slipstream from the tension of trying to keep the slipstream stable to getting the transport going with prepping for the red alert. "Hab SoSlI’ Quch!" He growled about the previous chief, who was probably lucky to have a forcefield between him and Kb at the moment. He hit his badge, "Initiating transports sir," He said with a stern response while pointing to another station for an officer to go handle. He brought up the transporter controls at his panel, and after inputing location coordinates started the algorithm to send off their newly made stowaways.

"As do I Bjorn, as do I", T'Ponga said softly.

Evans took the ship to red alert status as ordered and started continues tactical scans of the area.

"The shuttle's sending a transmission." Lon noted. "Tracking it's destination. It's not going to the station."

"On screen." Bjorn said. He didn't like it but what can a type 11 do?

The image of the shuttle appeared on the main viewer. It turned from the Valhalla, setting a course perpendicular to that of their pirated vessel. The shuttle markings indicated that it came from the USS Rowling. "I show two lifeforms on board. One Vulcan and one Trill." Lon reported.

Why would the Rawling have a shuttle here and there are not. "OK look alive people if the Rawling has a shuttle here they can not be far off. "Time for everyone to earn their keep. Vreia keep us in orbit but have an escape track set for as soon as we have offloaded our cargo. Ms. Lennox you want to negotiate for us hail the shuttle and see what they want." He started giving out orders as he turned to his friend Evans. "Chris keep looking I don't want any surprises. Lon you take long range scans find me the Rawling's location." He turned and looked ahead as he pressed his button. "KB I hope your close I don't want to be here any longer then we have too."

KB was surveying the antimatter connections on the warp drive when the communication happened and glanced over at Willie, who simply responded 20 seconds to him. He sat up from underneath the ducting and tapped his badge, "20 seconds sir, and tell helm they have cruising warp for now. Max Warp will be available 45 seconds after transporter completion."

"Aye, aye, sir." Vreia veered the ship so it pointed towards its escape route, while still maintaining orbit around the planet. "Ready to leave at your order."

"I've found the Rowling." Lon announced suddenly. "She left the Stenning system as soon as she received the shuttle's transmission."

"That means we dont have long." Bjorn knew this would be a tight window. He turned to Evans. "Defensive options only. We are not getting any new charges."

"Aye" Evans said, he wasn't sure how long their defenses would last. He would do his best to keep everyone safe and not cause damage to another Federation ship unless it was a must.

"KB we need to go!!" Came a very worried Bjorn. Deep down he knew they did not want to go toe to toe with a Galaxy class ship.

"You're a go," KB replied in his usual tone of voice after a moment of silence staring at the screen. His fingers quickly started working on other tasks related to the warp core as he gave instructions to a few other crew near him. "Helm, cruising warp maximum for 41 seconds, then you'll have Max Warp."

"I think it a good idea to vamoose NOW sir, with all due respect. You don't wanna be here when they arrive!", T'Ponga said with a hint of nervousness in her voice. She could sense what was coming and it made her uncomfortable.

"I agree." Bjorn uttered to his XO. "Helm who heard them set a course for nearest Federation border and best speed.!" as he was finishing the order the viewscreen went from the station and stars to the massive Galaxy classed USS Rowling. It had dropped out of warp right on top of them. "Punch it!"

Vreia was already working on getting out of there when the commander gave her the order. The ship reeled towards the heading. "Warping out of here, sir." She engaged cruising speed, keeping close eyes on the sensor readings.

"This is bad." Lon muttered to himself as he watched the Rowling fill the viewscreen. He closed his eyes for a moment. The ship was too far away for his limited emphatic abilities to sense the mood of the Rowling's crew, but then, given what he knew of the ship's captain, he didn't really need to. "If you have any counter measures for tractor beams now would be the time to deploy them" He called out to Bjorn and Chris. "She'll try to snare us the moment she realises we're trying to run."

"Isn't there a way to rotate the shield frequencies to keep the tractor beam from locking on?"
T'Ponga asked. She knew of a way but was not sure it would work in this situation.

Bjorn watched and held his breathe it was to late to do much other then get out of here. As Vreia made the adjustments and the ship jumped to warp before the Rowlings could do anything. "Nice work.... But they are in pursuit." Bjorn let out in a gasp. "Start the QSD clock we have 12 hours till we can jump to safety."

"KB there is a way of disrupting their warp bibble. It's been done before. Do you remember how to do it", T'Ponga said quickly.

KB, who was stretched out on the connections coming from the matter side of the core with tool in hand and multiple in a tray near him, tapped his badge, "I've never done it before, wouldn't know. You come up with an idea I'll tell you if its feasible."

Bjorn was glad they got away but that big ship was hot on their tails. They had a little more then 11 hours until the QSD would be ready. "OK, we need to find a way to give us some breathing room. We have 11 hours till we jump. "T'Ponga, Lon go to Engineering and come up with a way to get them off our backside. I will man the bridge with Lenoox, Evans, and Vreia." He did not like having the center seat but he felt responsible to those that choose to follow him.


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