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Slowing a Galaxy

Posted on Fri May 10th, 2019 @ 1:37pm by Lieutenant T'Ponga Daughter of House Mordok & Lieutenant Kee’Bhor House of Maal & Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Chief Petty Officer Willie Jackson

Mission: On the Run
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Being Pursued

Begin Log

The entire engine room was set a couple steps below normal lighting. The hustle and chaos that had plagued the engine room when they left the planet was gone now, and so were the majority of the crew that had clogged the consoles. A semblance of shift rotation had already started, and many were sent to rest. A few consoles were occupied by crew, their faces gently glowing because of the screens. Other crew were in the process of reorganizing equipment off to the side on the main floor, while a few others could be found in open panels diagnosing and doing preventative maintenance.

KB stood in the alcove next to the warp drive working on settings for the drive, the area mostly illuminated by the screens. On one of the upper screens was just a count down clock, ticking away slowly until the moment they would be able to activate the QSD. His mind lost in thought, he would lean in to tap away on the screen every so often, trying to bring the drive to its most efficient state. His face showed displeasure but he had stopped cursing the previous chief.

"KB, you look troubled, anything I can help with? I used to be a CEO back in my early years. I don't know if I fully understand the QSD but I might be able to help else where", T'Ponga said calmly.

KB chuckled, his not as big as it used to be belly bouncing with each chuckle. "T'Ponga, I thank you for your offer," he replied tapping away at his screen before turning around. "However all that is left are things that can only be tweaked with time. Whoever their prior chief was did not Feel the engine room. A disgrace..." He trailed off, dampening his annoyance of the prior chief.

KB then perked up almost like he got a burst of electricity through him, "However! We must figure out the problem at hand," He stated walking a few steps over to another console. "How do we get Rowling off our tail? Lon should be here any moment. I hope between the three of us maybe we can find a way."

"Hopefully sooner, rather than later." Lon chimed in as he hurried over. Despite having found a uniform to replace his prison garb during transit to Sarin Outpost he still managed to look unkempt, as he'd just woken up. "I apologise for my tardiness."

"Understood Lt. Genestra, just don't let happen again, T'Ponga said smiling at him. "Why don't we drop a few gravitic mines. Maybe they can slow her down?", She added.

Lon frown, head tilted to the left ever so slightly, staring off into the middle distance. It was something the science department on the Proxima had called 'resting calculations face'. "It would slow Her down." He shook his head. "But, unless we were able to keep the mine at warp the Rowling will have passed it by before its armed."

"And a chance for damaging or hurting the crew. I'm not sure that would be the best course of action. The crew of the Rowling are unfortunately stuck in the middle of a political issue," KB fell silent for a moment. "We need a safer way to knock them out of warp, or slow them down."

"I don't suppose we have one of the Breen's power disruption weapons aboard?" Lon asked. He was almost certain of the answer, but it was a preferable course of conversation that the crew of the Rowling. At least as far as he was concerned anyway.

"Something that would cause enough of a disruption in front of the ship to toss it out of its stream", T'Ponga said thinking. Her face changed suddenly, " Sound, vibrations, enough of a vibration will disrupt most anything. Look at it this way. A ship traveling through space travels smoothly right. Cause a ripple in front of it by disturbing the path it takes will make it shudder. Couldn't we make the space in front of the ship turbulent enough for it to slow down?", she said not sure if she made sense.

"I'm unsure if sound vibrations would be enough to affect their subspace bubble. However some kind of disturbance at the subspace level would do the trick. Or a distortion that affected their deflector dish. Almost like putting them in our engine wash like the old days of atmospheric flying craft," KB mused, trying to build off T'Ponga's ideas. The ship shuddered slightly which made him immediately turn and check the console. A few Engineers dropped what they were doing around them and did the same, one leaving the engineering shortly after. "Rowling seems to be getting impatient," he remarked turning back around to the two other officers.

"Oh that is just typical of Her." Lon grumbled as he pushed himself away from the bulkhead he'd fallen against. "An inverse graviton pulse could disrupt Rowling's warp field. If tuned correctly we could alter it enough to drop them out of warp via deceleration instead of a sudden stop."

"Good idea but the Rowling could re-establish their warp bubble quickly and continue pursuit. We need to keep them from coming behind us till we could QSD the Valhalla", T'Ponga said.

"Veteron particles," KB mumbled to himself as he worked on one console checking systems after whatever shook them, he assumed a torpedo. "If we can live with some possible subspace damage, a combination of graviton pulse and veteron particles would muck their warp drive and their deflector. Might throw Rowling out of warp a little hard, but minimal damage, and by the time they reset we could be light years away."

Lon nodded along with the engineer's musings. "A high verteron concentration burst of about five seconds causes about the same level of subspace damage as a warp six journey across the same equivalent area. What sort of concentrations would we need to knock out a Galaxy's deflector?"

"Basically it would have to be an equal amount of particles to the pulse. Galaxies are big girls and you want to trip them up the pulse would have to be enough to be felt, oh say 75% and at least 75% of Verteron particles. I would think the percentage of 150% burst should knock her down without doing too much damage", T'Ponga stated, hoping it made sense.

KB turned his attention fully to the conversation, feeling okay with the current engineering situation for the moment. He picked up a PADD and tapped away on it quickly trying to figure some math and variables out. "We load up 2 torpedoes with veteron particles. I don't want to try sending them from the ship because if he disrupt ourselves we don't stand a chance. We slow down a warp level, let them get closer and think we are losing gas, which when they slow will make the disruption easier. Graviton pulse straight at them to start throwing them off balance. Then increase the graviton pulse, go to max warp, and 1 torpedo just outboard of each nacelle. They'll never see the torpedoes until it's too late. Should knock out the main deflector and at least one nacelle. They'll be dead in the water with minimal casualty and still have the ability to call a distress to get aid." He fiddled with the PADD a bit more and nodded to himself.

"That's doable. We'll need to modify the torpedoes to prevent pre-detonation leakage." Lon moved to an unoccupied console and started paging through various cargo manifests. "With the right equipment, I ought to be able to synthesise enough verteron particles in an hour or so."

"There can be no margin for error. We can not afford to knock ourselves out of warp either or prevent the QSD from engaging", T'Ponga said nodding her head in agreement.

KB rubbed his chin for a moment, and tapped away on the PADD again for a moment staring at the results. "Pre-detonation leakage won't be a problem. Easy to modify anti-matter containment. And timing will be easy as an algorithm to time the graviton pulse, torpedo launch and denotation, and ship speed. I'll draw up the specs and algorithm. I can have it ready by the time you have the particles ready. Just need the Commander's green light." He sat down at a console and began tapping away quickly getting to work.

Lon turned from the console he was working at, looking to T'Ponga for her orders.

"Do it!", T'Ponga didn't hesitate in saying. She knew that it was the only logical way to stop the Galaxy mid stride. "T'Ponga to Bjorn, we have a working plan to stop the Rowling. It involves using a graviton pulse and verterons to knock the Rowling out of warp and allowing us time to engage the QSD. I have alread given the order to go ahead and do it, T'Ponga out!", she stated.

"The sooner the better." Bjorn said as he gripped his chair tightly.

Watching both KB and Genestra working, T'Ponga was content on watching the sensor grid of the position of the Rowling as she inched ever so closer to them. " Um....I hate to tell you but how much longer? The Rowling is creeping closer slowly thus narrowing our chances of it working and not knocking us out as well", she mentioned quickly.

"The closer they get, the less we'll have to slow down before we deploy the pulse." Lon replied. He didn't look up from his work. "More she thinks she's going to catch us on her own merits, the less Rowlings' captain will think we're up to something. KB, I'll head up to torpedo maintenance and supervise the transfer of the verterons directly from my 'generator' as soon as we have enough to begin."

KB nodded. "Let them work themselves into the trap. I'll write the algorithms to make this all flow smoothly and get the graviton pulse ready."

"I pray you both are correct as time is running out gentlemen", T'Ponga said.

KB laughed as he typed. "Prayer," he said chuckling. "Prayer is not needed. Just a strong weapon," He said, pointing at his head. "And we all have one. Lon everything is ready. Once your torpedoes are set load them in and we can get Rowling off our tail."

"I'll take science over the Four Gods every time." Lon clapped KB on the shoulder as he left his station, headed for the turbolift. "I'll call you when they're ready to fire."

For the next three quarters of an hour the comms are silent from the chief science officer, until at last, through a minisculely static buzzed connection...

"Two in the tubes. Fire when ready."

"FIRE them already KB!", T'Ponga shouted. "Bridge torpedoes fired hold on to your garter belts!"

KB slid a console over at tapped a few buttons. "Firing away," he said tapping the final buttons. The moment was tense and anti-climatic at the same time. They couldn't hear the firing of the torpedoes, and it would be moments until the rest of the algorithm kicked into place, and in a perfect situation what little energy wave that hit the ship wouldn't be felt because of the dampeners. "Torpedoes away, algorithms running. Now we see if our math was correct."

"Our math wrong?" Lon asked as he returned to engineering. He gave a small chuckle. "Are you trying to insult me, KB?"

"Ok boys.....", laughing, T'Ponga looked at both, "Time to target?", she added.

"5 seconds," KB replied simply, watching the console intently.

Lon hurried to an empty station and gripped the console's edge as a tremor ran through the ship. It built quick to a crescendo as the bow wave from the torpedoes' detonation caught up to and swept over the Valhalla. The abrupt halt to the shaking made the returned stillness feel quite unnatural to the science officer. His artificial eyes swept the data being gathered by the ship's sensors. "Rowling has dropped out of warp." he reported, "How are we doing?"

"Our speed has dropped 2% due to some fluctuations in the coils, but otherwise we are good. I can fix the fluctuations after doing a full diagnostic," KB said after turning from the console. He was satisfied with the end result and it showed on his face.

Slapping both KB and Lon on their backs, "First round is on me! Quap'la!!!", T'Ponga said smiling.

"Bridge, Captain, Rowling has dropped out of warp. Thanks to KB,Lon and yours truly. It worked!", T'Ponga added smiling.

End Log


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