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Running for our lives

Posted on Fri Apr 12th, 2019 @ 8:35am by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Lieutenant Elspeth 'Pip' Lennox & Lieutenant JG Vreia zh'Elaith
Edited on on Fri Apr 12th, 2019 @ 12:55pm

Mission: On the Run
Location: USS Valhalla-Bridge

Bjorn sat in the center seat almost glued to his monitor watching the Galaxy class keep pace and slowly making a gain on them. He was almost certain that it would be a bad way. Things on the bridge were much calmer with many of the senior staff headed to engineering to brainstorm ideas. He was essentially left with Vreia, Lennox, and Evans. Everyone was watching over things waiting for fate to show the way. Bjorn turned to his new Diplomatic officer. "Your Thoughts?" He asked.

"..On?" Pip asked, her sharp chin resting on her twined together hands. "The state of the ship? How to quell the stress of remaining crew? Mounting a counterattack for your damaged persona? I could trot out a few more topics, but I feel like that'd be less than helpful. Tokens, commander. I do believe it's time for tokens. Coins for Charron- or to dress it up more, a show of compassion. A gesture to warm the crew to you and warm the hearts of the remaining crew that the first big step is over with."

She nibbled at the already short thumbnail on her right hand during a painfully short breath before carrying on. "-And a lot of talking. I need to speak to all of your crew, and of course yourself, about what happened to start building a case. The cliff notes that I got from your briefing were rather dry and disjointed."

Bjorn pondered what the diplomat had to say. She made sense. "I have no problem you talking to anyone you want, after we are clear of harms way of course. I am interested in this token you speak......"

Bjorn was cut off by Evans at tactical. "Sir, the Rowling have caught up to be in weapons....." Before Evans could finish his sentence the whole ship shock and the Tactical console along with a couple others blewup from an energy overload.

Bjorn looked back and saw the smoke from the console and no Evans. He jumped to his feet and made his way around. "Medical team to the bridge. Lieutenant Biggs to the bridge." He said trying to tend to Evans and man the Tactical station at the same time.

Vreia was able to stabilize herself enough to check her readings. She dared not look back to the tactical station after hearing the console explode behind her. She was sure the captain didn't want to deal with vomit in that moment. "If we get another hit like that, our warp field will collapse."

The medical team arrived first, but Biggs was there moments later, making very short time between the security offices on Deck 6 and the bridge, "Lieutenant Biggs reporting for du-- shit..." He dropped his salute and faltered as he saw his boss laying on the floor in bad shape, "Captain, what happened?" He asked, turning to Bjorn.

"It appears our pursers wanted to get our attention. The shields took the brunt but with all systems running at max it caused some power spikes." He said watching Evans being taken away to medical. "I need you to load up Tactical on one of the auxiliary consoles for now."

"Damn..." Biggs said, watching as Evans' was carried past. "Uh... Sorry, sir. Yessir," He said, turning to one of the vacant console and pulling up the Tactical console on the console. "Cap, ship in pursuit. Shields are at 75%. Another hit like that and our warp field is going get real wobbly," Tettly said, grimacing as he looked over the readouts.

The helm was beeping as the ship continued forward. "Commander, they're gaining on us. If we don't do something quick, we're going to be toast. I can try adjusting course, but that will slow us down even more." Vreia turned to face the center chair. She took a glance at the new tactical officer, where the old one was now being pulled away by a medical team.

Bjorn stared at the young helmsman. He then looked over at Lennox. They had come so far to just be taken back into custody. There was no way they could prove their innocence locked up or dead. Someone was behind this and he needed to know who. "Maintain course and let's pray the smart ones in Engineering have a plan soon."

"Aye, sir," said Vreia in a calm voice. Yet, her antenna were teeming with anxiety. She kept her eyes on the sensor readings, watching the approaching pursuer.

She turned to face the center chair. “If we adjust power fully to engines, we may be able to get an edge on our friend.” She turned back to her console. “Though, some of that power must come from shields. If they shoot again, it’d be like cutting through paper.”

Bjorn was still getting use to being in the center chair and having to make these decisions. He looked to the XO chair and saw it empty. His eyes then traveled to Lennox. He had a look of wishing for a simpler life. He was tired.

The silence was broken by coms traffic. "T'Ponga to Bjorn, we have a working plan to stop the Rowling. It involves using a graviton pulse and verterons to knock the Rowling out of warp and allowing us time to engage the QSD. I have alread given the order to go ahead and do it, T'Ponga out!", she stated.

"The sooner the better." Bjorn said as he gripped his chair tightly. He waited. "If this works transfer power to the core and best speed to get us out of here.

It was a tense couple hours as they played cat and mouse with the Rowlings. Giving the dream team time to work there magic. Finally the time had come to see if it would work.

The ship shook as a shockwave of energy blew out behind them. Vreia's console beeped. "The Rowling has just left warp." She instantly got into action, "QSD charging, sir." Soon enough, the energy levels flipped into gear. "Ready to get out of here, on your order."

"Send it." Bjorn said on the edge of his seat. He kinda liked that phrase.



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