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New Chief

Posted on Sat May 11th, 2019 @ 4:06pm by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Tettly Biggs

Mission: On the Run
Location: Ready Room

The ready room was very bare. Bjorn had all the last captain's belongings packed up and shipped when he was. Being that he had nothing in the jail he had nothing to put up on the walls. This was not how he envisioned taking command. He was sure his next guest did not envision becoming chief of security this way. As soon as he heard the chime he stood. "Come in"

Tettly Biggs walked through the door and offered a salute, "uh... I guess I still give rank and name and all that, right?" He asked, cracking an apologetic grin.

"Hopefully some day we can worry about the pomp and circumstance again. For now we can keep it informal." Bjorn said as he showed Biggs the chair across from him. "So as you say and probably heard Evans is not doing well and has a brain bleed. I need someone to lead the Security team."

"Uh... yessir," Tettly said, shifting around in the seat. He had a feeling he knew where this was going, but he was always so damn nervous with good news like this. "You thinking me?" He asked.

"I thought you did excellent work taking over in a stressful situation." He started. "Plus after looking at ..... at the reports it showed you was a good leader."

"I do alright, sir," Tettly replied with an appreciative nod. "Got good people down in our department. I'd like to setup Billings as my second, if that's okay. She's got a solid head on her shoulders and is good in a crisis," He explained, trying to shove down some of the nerves.

Bjorn took in the words. He was having issues keeping his stress levels down. This caused him to have issues staying in the moment. "Whoever you need in whatever role you see fit." Bjorn managed to say as he almost looked through and past Biggs. He could see Evans seated across from him.

"Boss... you okay?" Tettly asked, seeing the far away look on the man's face. "You been through a lot... if you need to take a break, no one would think any less of ya," he reassured the man.

"I think I may need a nap, but it's hard to close my eyes." He opened up more then he had planned. "Anyway rest will come soon enough" he adjusted in the seat. "We are headed into uncharted space so we need to make sure we are aware of everything."

Tettly set his jaw, and his demeanor shifted entirely, into a more assertive and confident stance, "Cap'n, I've seen that look before. You lost people, you broke the rules, and every bit of sense and structure you knew is gone in just a few hours. I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't off my toes as well," He admitted. "Ship ain't gonna do no good if aren't with it. Take an hour or two, rest. We're in the clear for now, and I'll work with the XO to make sure we have all of the clarity we need, okay?" He said, earnestly. "Trust your crew, and make sure you're in a good spot so they don't lose their trust in you." Tettly wasn't usually that blunt with his COs, but he knew the man had to be hurting right now. So much was riding on him, and there'd already been such loss.

Bjorn heard the words that had been said. They didnt register. He just looked off. "Thanks for coming by and let the XO or I know if you have any issues adjusting to the new spot." He said settling his eyes more directly on his new security chief. "And thanks for the advice." He finished offering his hand to end things.

"Yeah..." Tettly replied, standing and taking the offered hand. "I'll let the XO know if I've got any concerns," Tettly said, nodding.

As the two shook hands Bjorn paused with a grip on the other man. He looked him in his eyes. Bjorn's pain was even more evident. "Thank you." Is all he could manage.

Tettly popped in hand on top of the other man's and nodded, "We got you, boss. Don't worry, okay?" He said, earnestly.



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