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Great work

Posted on Sun May 26th, 2019 @ 5:46pm by Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Kee’Bhor House of Maal

Mission: On the Run
Location: USS Valhalla-Ready Room

While some repairs where being done and the crew was taking a minute to breath, Bjorn was having sit downs with some of the crew and checking the pulse of things. His next appoitment with with two of his most trusted staff the two who helped him with both the escape and then getting the Rowlings off their backside. He stood as the door slide open. "Hey guys come on in and have a seat."

"How're you holding up?" Lon asked, making his way to what, on the Proxima, would have been his usual seat. He fidgeted a little trying to get comfortable. It was definitely not his usual seat. "I heard about Christopher. I'm sorry. He was too young to go like that."

Walking in a moment later KB added "An honorable death, dying for his beliefs." He had finally gotten a chance to change into a respectable uniform and got most of the grime off of himself from the prison. He tugged at it a little as it was brand new and was still breaking in. He took a seat splitting the difference between Lon and Bjorn to make the table look even with the three men sitting at it.

Lon nodded in agreement. "If Christopher's death has anything positive to take from it's that. And not dying in a cage."

Bjorn let Lon's words linger. "Yeah those cages would not have been a fitting way to go. I call you guys here to thank you for your quick work and planning both in the prison and in engineering." He changed the subject away from Evans

"What was done had to be done," KB replied nodding, trying to accept the compliment without really accepting it. "Everyone did their part with honor."

"I agree." Bjorn stated. "Now that we are in the clear I want to task the two of you to lead the investigation into the Incident that got us in this mess." He paused. "We know we didn't fire the probe so we need to figure out who did and how to prove it."

Leaning forward in his seat KB frowned for a moment before responding, "Investigation with what? We will need the tools and the information. We will need Proxima and her records."

Bjorn looked towards KB. "We will have to use what files we brought with us and what we can access remotely. The Prox has been moved to Earth dock so it is out of our reach."

Lon had been quiet for a little while, watching the conversation between his two friends, resting his chin on his right fist. "I've started trying to replicated the effects of what happened to Hella III. Thought if I was able to determine how it was done we could work back to who did it. Jameson probably knows, but we can't really ask him."

Bjorn's blood started to boil at mention of his mentor. "Well whatever resources you guys need outside of going back into Federation space just name it." He wanted to impress of them the importance of this.

KB nodded, understanding the gravity of the request. "Well we will see what information we can garner from here. Maybe we can skirt the Federation line at some point and see if we can make any remote downloads another time. Valhalla should have at least some of the records in the database that we can start with."

"Could also nose around Breen and Cardassian space?" Lon suggested. "Risky, but the scene of the crime might fill in some blanks."

Bjorn turned to Lon. "I agree we will be taking some time to make sure we are not being tracked but my gut tells me the Cardassians are behind this some how. Their recent border issues with the Breen and all. They have been to quiet since the end of the War." Bjorn paused as he pondered more. "Anything else you to need? Just name it."

"Of course." Lon nodded. He glanced around the table and rubbed his temples with one hand. "Before we wrap things up I need to talk to you both about the Rowling. I've worked out how they found us so quickly."

Bjorn had been ready to move on to a stiff glass of bourbon when his science officer brought up the Rowling. "Do tell." He said with a curious eyebrow raise.

"It's my fault." Lon slumped in his seat. When he spoke next it was with dislike bordering on disgust. "The Rowling is Her ship. She played the odds based on what the course of action She thought I'd push for." There was only one person for whom Lon reserved that tone of voice for: His second ex wife; She Who Must Not Be Named, herself; Rayora Tra.

KB leaned forward in his chair, his size becoming more apparent as his posture became erect. "It is our fault for being getting tailed. However your honor is not tarnished, we pulled through," He stopped, thinking of their fallen comrade. "We have a new rulebook to play in. But do not hang your head on your mistakes. We must own them openly and conquer them." He paused to look at them both. "And on my honor I need a drink. Where the ghe''or is the liquor cabinet in this vessel? I am unsure of the previous Chief. Not a drop of liquor in that entire engine room I could find."

"Seems like the old crew was not the drinkers we are." Bjorn said with a pause. "Maybe for the best. We have a lot going on."

KB frowned a bit leaning back in his chair. He was going to start spouting warrior names and the level of drink they had in them when they won great battles, but figured it was a moot point. "You are correct, we have a lot going on. Still, let us have a drink together and talk of the old days, let our minds wander before we work. It'll be good for the soul."

"I worried that might be the case." Lon admitted to Bjorn. "I've set a couple of my specials brewing in the lab.." He grinned. "..if you're feeling brave enough."

A grin came over his face. "I have never meet a brew in all the stars that brought fear in my heart... I will not start now."


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