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What To Do Next

Posted on Thu May 30th, 2019 @ 10:38pm by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Lieutenant T'Ponga Daughter of House Mordok

Mission: On the Run
Location: Lounge

T'Ponga was relieved that KB and all those that had escaped were alive. Now that they had stopped the Rowling from following them, the next step needed to be discussed. Changing her clothes into something more comfortable, she walked through the ship and wound up in the lounge. Walking up to the bar, "Bloodwine!", she ordered.

"Bloodwine," The Bajoran behind the bar said with a sigh, "Little short on that... like... completely short," He said, smiling apologetically. "I'd replicate some, but I'm being rationed and it's tight... I've got some Romulan Ale on hand though," He offered.

"Let's get two of those." Bjorn said as he walked in and took a seat next to his XO.

"Two Romulan Ales coming right up, boss," The Bartender replied. "Heck of a spot we've got ourselves in, eh guys?" He offered, conversationally. "Not a lot that have chosen this path."

Looking at Bjorn, she wrinkled her nose at the Romulan ale but accepted it from the barkeep. "Yes it is somewhat a predicament. Starfleet will not stop looking for us either", she said mournfully. "Some how we have to clear this mess so we can go home. I am not in the habit of running like a whipped targ!" T'Ponga was a little bitchy at the present moment.

"I have Lon and KB working with their people on that very issue. Not sure how we are going to prove our innocence but it is top priority." Bjorn said taking a sip. "Things are just so much on their head right now."

"Same for all of us, Cap. Even you, no doubt," Barkeep said, earnestly. "I haven't had a chance to say hi since you commandeered my ship," He said with a grin. "I'm Ko Marik," He said, offering the CO his hand. "Opted to stay around after the hand off... sounded like an adventure," He said.

"Understatment of the year." Bjorn said taking a sip of the offered drink as he shook the bartenders hand. "Hand off... that is an interesting way of putting it."

"Sounds better than 'Before we stole a Starfleet ship, dumped it's crew, and went rogue," Ko offered with a snicker.

"An interesting adventure it will prove to be too. We have to find out the who and why part of this mess before we can tackle the how to part of this mystery. Why do they want this crew to fail, more importantly, you Bjorn. I get the feeling that they want to discredit you. I can't put my finger on it exactly but rescuing these diplomats might have been something you say...wet the appetite?", T'Ponga said draining her glass.

"Lots of things there for sure," Ko replied before clearing his throat, "... worth noting... I was a bartender on Koris VII for a long time," He said. "It's not the most... reputable place in the universe. I kept my nose clean, but... if things get dicey, I do know folks who'd be willing to help. Not bad people, just... people who have a bit more loose interpretation of the law," He explained.

Bjorn first turned to the barkeep. "I appreciate the offer. I hope it doesn't come to that, but will keep it in mind." Bjorn finished his drink with a long draw from the glass. He then turned to T'Ponga. "I believe, I...we were just wrong place wrong time. We were sacrificed out of convenience since it would seem our former Captain is some how involved." He let the glass down with a thud.

"I have upset you cap...Bjorn and for that I am truly sorry. I can't help thinking that somehow people are trying to discredit you. Wether or not our former CO is involved or not, it seems that we are pawns in a deadly game of chess", T'Ponga said flatly.

"We are definitely that. Marik, thanks for staying on and giving us a shot at proving ourselves innocent." He said with a buzzed smile. "T, I think one is enough for me. I am going to lay down if you need me let me know."

"Looking forward to it, Captain. Whatever I can do to help," He offered, smiling brightly.



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