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Arriving on time.

Posted on Thu Jun 6th, 2019 @ 7:24pm by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Kee’Bhor House of Maal & Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Lieutenant JG Vreia zh'Elaith

Mission: On the Run
Location: USS Valhalla-Bridge

It was a skeleton crew on the bridge. Most of the senior staff had already headed to the transporter room to prepare for the away mission. Bjorn had stayed on the bridge to watch over their arrival in the system. The plan was as soon as they had arrived Vreia was going to try and raise someone from the surface.

"Dropping out of warp," said the Andorian. "Pulling into atmospheric range of the planet." She tapped on her console as the Valhalla pulled into the system. She kept coordinates for an escape route, just in case the relief turned sour.

"Hail them." Bjorn said to Vreia.

"Ring, ring," said Vriea. The screen changed from its viewpoint to the contact from the surface.

The view-screen snapped to life, projecting an image of a man sat at a desk in an office steeped in a spartan austerity aesthetic. The man, humanoid with horizontal nasal ridges was dressed in a simple suit of grey. He had been a bigger man in the past, if the fit of his clothes was to be any judge, but age, amongst other factors had robbed him of that vitality. "Ah." He smiled. Small lights on biomechanical inputs on the side of his head flickered alongside the gesture. "Thank you for coming. You have arrived not a moment too soon."

"I am Commander Tyrson from the USS Valhalla. We came as soon as we heard your call." Bjorn shifted in his seat. "What exactly is going on?"

The man opened his mouth as if to speak but closed it again and tilted his head to one side as he listened. "My apologies, there is a mild delay in the transmission while we translate your language." The man sighed and shook his head. "It would be better to show you, but the short version is this: the crops we rely on for food refuse to grow and our water sources have begun to run dry."

"Very well. With your permission I will accompany a small contingent to beam to the surface and meet with you." Bjorn said with a smile. The man did look like it had been a long time since he had seen a feast.

Again there was the momentary delay before the man responded. "Beam? Yes. Of course. We have a small area not from our main settlement that we have used in the past for trade with off-worlders. We will transmit the co-ordinates if that will meet your needs?"

Off on the starboard side of the bridge KB sat at his station, his uniform almost clean for once, but his House Baldric in mint cleanliness. His eyes darted up, down, and to the side as he followed the conversation going on while reviewing engineering systems.

"Yes that will work fine. See you soon." He said and motioned for the feed to be cut. "KB, call down to transport and make sure they get the coordiantes I am on my way. Lon, you have command. You, KB and Vreia will run the scans and show from up here till I get you some information."

KB nodded silently, tapping away at the control panel to ensure the proper information was sent to transport. He glanced at power allocations and status of the vessel. "Transporters will stay hot incase something goes wrong. We can have you back and in a slipstream in no time if something goes wrong," he finally stated in a moment of quiet on the bridge.



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