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First away mission

Posted on Sun Jun 16th, 2019 @ 8:01pm by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Lieutenant Hope Ross, MD & Lieutenant T'Ponga Daughter of House Mordok & Lieutenant Elspeth 'Pip' Lennox & Lieutenant Lon Genestra

Mission: On the Run
Location: Planet Surface

The team had beamed down to the coordinates they had gotten from the planet's inhabitants. It was a very rocky surface very sparse from really any foliage. Bjorn took in his surroundings. Readings had shown crazy amounts of just about every mine-able resource was present on this planet. There was limited water coverage and very little plant life. It made the air breathable but very thin.

Doctor Ross looked around and then noticed it was a little difficult to breathe, not exactly up to par with the atmosphere aboard a Federation starship. The away team were all healthy adults and shouldn't have much problem adapting, but she decided she would take periodic tricorder readings and keep an eye on them.

Tettly tugged at his collar a bit and took a deep breath, "Ain't much for air around here, is there?" He said, flatly. The looked around and the ruddy, mineral-rich surface of the planet and shook his head. Didn't seem like much of a place to live to him, "Ain't nothin' green on this rock..."

"Hoo.. reminds me of being up on a mountain bit with the air and all. Take a bit to get used to.." Pip picked up a pebble and rolled it with her thumb as she started to amble around, looking about as she did so.

"Yeah," Tettly said, squatting down to look at a silica crystal formation that seemed to be sprouting out of the ground like a plant. "Weird lookin' planet... I kinda like it... 'cept for that whole can't breathe thing," He said with a chuckle. His gaze shifted a bit and his expression turned serious, "People comin'," He said, standing and resting a hand casually on his holstered type-II phaser.

The delegation from Rogerston Mecanus arrived from the east. Conveyed in a durable looking hover truck three people sat in the bed at the back - the man Bjorn spoke to on the viewer, and two men in drab grey uniforms. As the truck rattled to a halt all three disembarked. The two people accompanying this man each carried some kind of rifle. Each had the same bio-mechanical implants on the side of their head, visible under the brims of their caps. The trio walked towards the group, soldiers remaining five paces behind the official. He fished a wire out from a pocket inside his suit jacket and attached it to one of the jacks on the side of his head. "Captain Tyrson!" He called out, raising one hand in greeting.

Bjorn raised his hand to mimic what he figured was a greeting. "Please call me Bjorn." He said stepping forward but not in front of Biggs for tactical reasons. "I have not had the pleasure of learning your name yet."

"Ah, yes. In our desperation we have forgotten our manners." The man in the suit shook his head sadly. "You may call me Stephan-E. I am the spokesman for this settlement."

Tettly turned sideways to allow the Captain to step toward Stephan-E, while leaving him in a tactically advantageous position. He eyed the soldiers warily, but said nothing.

"We are part of the United Federation of Planets and are exploring uncharted space to us when we got your urgent call. We wanted to see if there was something we could do to help." Bjorn left out the part of being wanted genocidal maniacs.

The soldiers shuffled a little, perhaps unsettled by the presence of so many unfamiliar creatures. Their rifles remained as they had been when they disembarked from the truck - slung over their shoulders. "United Federation of Planets?" Stephan-E rolled the words over in his mouth, as much checking that he had received the correct translation as he was asking for clarification of a foreign concept.

"The Federation is a working interstellar alliance of whole slew of planetary governments homogenized into a centralized government. Doing that means anywhere you go in their reach you have the same rights and liberties, rules and regulations: things like that. Do you have something like that?" Pip asked, quirking an eyebrow at the man.

"Nothing so grand sounding." Stephan-E explained. "We have only the Forum of the People. It is where the populace exchange thoughts and decide on matters of governance."

Bjorn looked over each of the people across from him. "So how can we help?"

"Our planet is not fond of vegetation." Stephan-E knelt and picked up several stones. He let them fall through his fingers as he spoke. "For many cycles we have traded mineral wealth for food with offworlders. Some of the plants we recently purchased grow out of control, but produce no edible food."

Bjorn thought about what Stephen-E was explaining as his mind started to race. "So plant life doesn't grow here but this new stuff grows out of control." He looked out in to space as he thought. "Here is what I propose. I will have Dr. Ross secure and isolate a sample of your new plant. She can take it to our science lab to be studied by our brightest mind." He said motioning to Doc Ross. "While they are doing that how about my Diplomatic team put on a introduction dinner aboard our ship and we can learn more about each other." He said with a grin.

"You honour me, Bjorn." Stephen-E placed his left hand on his right shoulder, arm across his chest and bowed his head. When he did so the soldiers turned their attentions away from the away team and looked towards Stephen-E, their hands moving to unshoulder their rifles. Having heard the movement Stephen-E turned a worried glance in their direction briefly. His hand returned to his side. "It must be cleared by the Forum. I would not feel right partaking in a dinner when so many have nothing. In the meantime.." He gestured towards the truck. "Perhaps we can help you collect your samples."

Bjorn turned to his Security Chief and gave a nod. "It would be our pleasure. Biggs, Dr. Ross, and I will accompany you. T'ponga and Lenox why dont your return and prepare for the dinner." He ordered to his team.

Tettly dropped his hand to his phaser as the guards unshouldered their rifles, seeming to turn their attention to the person he thought they were there to protect, but eased up when they backed down. He set his jaw and furrowed his brow, looking over the situation. Something about it was sitting off for him, and it was getting further off by the moment, "Sure, Captain. I'd be happy to," He said with a nod.

T'Ponga opened her mind to see what made the guards antsy, a presence or other feeling. She picked up fast on on Biggs emotion, as she looked directly at him. Something was definately off.

"Understood Captain", T'Ponga said. "Lt. Biggs I agree with your feelings", she said as she deliberatly moved closer to Biggs. "Biggs, something is off", she said in a hushed voice.



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