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Green means grow

Posted on Thu Jul 11th, 2019 @ 3:13pm by Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Kee’Bhor House of Maal & Lieutenant Hope Ross, MD

Mission: On the Run
Location: Science lab

Lon frowned at the plant laid out on the analysis table. Broad green leaves sprouted from a slim, fibrous wooden trunk. The trunk was short, no more than a meter in length from where the leaves sprouted to the bulbous terminus which served to anchor the root network. "Well," the scientist said when he turned his attention back to Dr Ross and KB, "everything I'm seeing is consistent with the tricorder readings you took, Dr Ross. It's entirely biological; not giving off any unusual radiation; not flowering at present but my money is on it producing fruit, rather than tubers....something about it looks familiar though, don't you think?"

KB moved about the room, finishing setting up equipment to begin analyzing the plant more in depth. While analyzing was not his forte, getting the power to the equipment was, and he took great care to ensure everything would work properly once turned on. "I think my predecessor was a blind ghIlab ghew," he said disapprovingly, more disapproving at himself for still being irritated by the honorees predecessor. "Looks familiar to what?"

Looking at the scans Hope gave a nod and raised an eyebrow "it almost reminds me of fruit on Earth" she looked over at KB

KB raised an eyebrow. "Fruit on Earth huh?" He walked over to the other two to look at the plant, which he hadn't really looked at until this point. "What's it supposed to be? Edible?"

"I was thinking along similar lines Doctor." Lon folded his arms across his chest as he continued to attempt to frown an explanation out of the plant. "The messages we received spoke of environmental collapse, but this plant doesn't look unhealthy. Obviously they don't eat the plant itself. Perhaps something is preventing it from producing food? What was the area like where you found it, Doctor?"

"Very dry" Hope replied "perhaps the plant didn't get enough water to produce fruit" she added. Of course this wasn't Doctor Ross's field of expertise by any means.

"Could the plant be sucking the life out of the environment?" KB asked thinking about a bad ground fault in an electrical system.

Lon nodded, as much to himself as the others present. "That would fit with what we've been told about the situation. Why wouldn't the indigenous population eat the fruit from this plant as it's out competing their staple crops? But that presupposes that they can. I think this calls for a more in depth analysis. Everything ready on your end KB?" Lon turned to the Klingon, opened is mouth as if to say something, closed it and turned back to Hope. "Do we know anything about the physiology of the people who contacted us?"

"Very malnourished, which is to be expected" she recalled her scans "however it seems their bodies have adapted well to survive with very little food or water" Hope reported.

Baffled by the almost statement, KB almost asked but dropped it, assuming it wasn't worth saying. "Equipment is calibrated and ready. Power has been locked in for the equipment so we shouldn't have any power issues," He walked over to a console to monitor the equipment and power supply. "Controls have all been synced to the one console for ease of use," he state motioning to a console nearby both Lon and Hope.

Moving to a near by console Doctor Ross monitored the readings.

Lon also hovered beside the indicated console. As the information from the scan began to flow in he became a flurry of activity, rapidly typing away at, first, an adjacent console and then, while that was streaming supplemental information, his own PaDD. "This shit is bananas." He announced suddenly.

"That's one of your earth fruits, right?" KB asked, partly sarcastically, partly seriously.

"It's also Terran slang for crazy." Lon replied. "Both meanings apply here."

Doctor Ross smiled at Lon "he's got a point."

KB didn't look thoroughly amused, moving around his console. "Care to elaborate?" He thought for a moment, "On the specimen."

"You never did have an eye for showmanship did you, KB." Lon teased before he turned his attention back to the plant and shifted into a more serious gear. "Looking at the data what we have here started out life as a Terran Musa Acuminata - more commonly known as the wild banana tree. It's had a lot of genetic alteration done to it, however. I'm isolating the sequences and I hope Dr Ross can shed a little light on their purposes."

From what Hope recalled the makeup of this plant was far to different than what she remembered. "Something is strange about these genetic markers" she said pointing to the screen and pulling up the plant from Earth she had refereed to earlier.

KB simply grunted before walking back to his panel. He went back to checking systems of not only their current project but the ship as well. "Foul play with the plants then? This planet does not seem too different than Terran so it shouldn't need modification, no?"

"Correct on both counts, I believe." Lon replied. He peered at the sequence Hope had pointed out. "How so?"

"It appears" Ross shook her head and reviewed the readings again "that the plant has been genetically mutated and from the looks of it, to cause damage to it's surrounding area." It was strange that anyone would do this, but she was almost certain it wasn't natural.

"A dishonorable thing to do!" KB grumbled looking up from his console. "Who would do such a thing? What do we need to figure that out?" He asked, already bringing open equipment lists ready to start tracking down the needed supplies.

"Genetic alterations always leave a signature behind, even in subsequent generations." Lon explained. "That should point us in the direction of the culprit. Going to need something to take some cuttings and something capable of getting into individual cells, I think."

"I have some crew gathering the required equipment, it should be here momentarily," KB responded, after requisitioning the equipment through the console."

"While we wait we can start modifying the scanners to highlight specific resonance frequencies for carbon carbon bonds." Lon suggested his tone of voice suggesting the imminent arrival of a lengthy scientific explanation. "Dr Ross, could you isolate one of the mutated gene sequences and the chromosome it's attached to?"

"Sure thing" Hope gave a nod and went to tapping commands into the console she was working at.

As the equipment got wheeled in KB gave quick instructions and where to set it up to the crew. It didn't take long for it to be up and running while KB began quick calibrations. "You can load up the specimens while I run the calibrations," he stated quickly typing away.

Lon began moving the specimens into the new instrument.

"I think we have it gents" the Doc said looking up from her readings.

Bjorn came over the comms. "Senior staff report to the ready room 15 minutes."

KB looked up from the console. "We can get the results from the scan in the ready room so we don't hold the boss up," He stated looking at the other two.

Lon glanced up, looking towards where the captain's ready room was many decks above them. "He sounded rather angry." The betazoid observed.


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By Commander Bjorn Tyrson on Fri Jul 12th, 2019 @ 3:44pm

I loved this post definitely my front runner for post of the month!!

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