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First State Diner

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 2:48pm by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Lieutenant T'Ponga Daughter of House Mordok & Lieutenant Elspeth 'Pip' Lennox & Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Lieutenant JG Vreia zh'Elaith

Mission: On the Run
Location: USS Valhalla

Bjorn walked into the room and looked around, It was simple but very quaint. This would be the first semi official first state dinner for this crew since they tragic events. Bjorn figured this would be a nice distraction for his staff. As the Senior staff made there way in. Bjorn walked up to Vreia and Lennox, you guys did a great job in short notice.

"Well, you know, not knowing two figs about a race and throwing a fancy dinner for 'em means you don't worry 'bout setting out the salad forks." Pip said with a wink.

"We don't even know if they use forks," said Vreia. "Maybe they'll see them as weapons... That's what I would call a dinner party."

Bjorn turned to Biggs and T'Ponga as they approached. "Well as far as we know this is a legit first contact. Lennox you will have Vreia's help to make sure this goes off well. As for you two." He pointed to the other pair. "I need you to mingle and work the crowd and find out more about the offworlder who brought these plants to this world."

T'Ponga looked at Bjorn, "Who brought the pants?", she said looking at Biggs. "Am I missing something here?", she asked looking puzzled. She must have missed something in the translation.

"PLANTS" Bjorn over enunciated. I have a feeling in my gut that whoever brought this plants here was looking to wipe out the people here to take the resources. Just seems fishy" He said to T'Ponga and Biggs. "Once we get to eating and mingling start talking to some of their security force or anyone who maybe can give us an idea of who this other player is."

"I'll see what I can do," Biggs said with a nod, looking around. "Hopefully it was just an accident, if someone is trying to wipe 'em out then... might be a bigger issue than we can handle."

"Understood Bjorn. Now I have something to go on. It is possible that the individual who brought this 'plant' is still here to watch and make sure no one interferes with the plan", T'Ponga said.

"We will have to find out." He said under his breath as the delegation walked in.

Stephen-E stepped through the doors a few seconds after they finished opening. He was, once again, followed by two individuals. Instead of soldiers this time it was bureaucrats of type: one male; one female. Both wore similarly austere suits to Stephen-E and carried a boxy device plugged into one of their cranial ports. "Bjorn." Stephen-E raised his hand, repeating the greeting he'd used planet-side. "Apologies that we are so few in number. There are only so many portable translation units to go around."

"I am happy that you were able to find a way here. We have our team looking at your plant and I we have a very nice meal set up for us to enjoy." Bjorn said greeting the visitors. "Please let's all find a set and enjoy our company."

"It has been a long time since any made a trip this far from our home, but our people have a longer memory. Before we do anything else, I should introduce my comrades." Stephen-E gestured to the man on his left: The man had a similar physique to Stephen-E, but unweathered with age; his hair was black, his beard full. "This is Stert-O. He was chosen to speak on matters concerning the mines." There was a note of nostalgia in his voice. He then turned slightly and gestured to the lady on the other side of him. She was smaller than her male counterparts, older too, but the she carried herself with unshakable resolve and unrelenting fierceness. "This is Tali-A. The people have chosen her to speak on matters of agriculture."

Bjorn acknowledged each person of the delegation. "It is great to have you here. I would like to introduce my team. Lieutenant Lenox is my Chief Diplomat and along with Lieutenant zh'Elaith have setup this dinner for us based on the information you gace us."

"Over here we have "Lieutenant T'Ponga and Lieutenant Biggs." Bjorn said with his other hand on the the other side of him. "T'Ponga is my Intelligence Officer and Biggs is my Security Chief. I believe the food is close to coming out if everyone would find a seat we can get dinner started. Bjorn said gesturing to the long table.

As everyone made their way over and found seats Bjorn sat near the head of one table with Stephen-E near him and Lennox and Vreia on the other side of Stephen-E. On the other side of the table was Biggs, Stert-O, T'Ponga, and Tali-A. The food made there way out and everyone seemed to be satisfied with the main course. It was obvious that the colonists had a hard time controlling themselves from just devouring the food and Stert-O even asked for a second plate. It was obvious this was the most they had had in a long time. Soon the food was gone and drinks where being had and small talk started to happen.

The veracity of the colonists seem to really be bothering Pip, who was biting her lip constantly through the dinner and silently bristling. Eventually, she pointedly looked towards the captain and in a quiet, steely voice asked "How much would even a half dozen replicators help these people? A colony's worth if we could wrangle it somehow an' they'd be set."

"Might be worth working with KB and see maybe we can work out a trade." Bjorn agreed with Pip.

As the wheel of conversation turned Stephen-E found himself stood next to Biggs. "Lieutenant Biggs." He greeted the security chief stiffly, awkwardly. "How are you finding the proceedings?"

"Bit fancy," Biggs replied with a laugh. "I grew up just outside of Indianapolis on earth, not really much for fancy to dos, but I do alright," He said. "How about you? You likin' everything okay?" Tettly asked, giving the man a toothy grin.

"I am curious about your plant life. I have seen species I have never seen before. Are they indigenous to this planet?", T'Ponga asked Stephen-E.

Stephen-E gave a strange look at T'Ponga as she just barged into the conversation. Maybe this was a Federation custom. "No as we said on the surface we have a hard time with vegetation. This new plant was brought by another off-worlder that looked much like you." He said as he looked back at Biggs

Tettly was a little surprised by the interruption as well, but chalked it up to that Klingon charm. He gave Stephen-E a shrug and a grin, but took the opportunity to dig a bit, "You said they looked like her... You mean a Klingon?"

"No" Stephen-E answered a bit perturbed at how conversing with these people made him. "He looked like you." he said to Biggs. "He was similar height and facial features to you and your Captain. Except he did not have the hair on his face."

"Oh, he was human," Biggs said, seeming to ponder that for a moment. "Did he have a name?" He asked.

Tali-A spoke next. "He was Hu-man. He was not in those colorful uniforms like you. He wore grey almost armor type outfit. He said he was a representative from a New Order that was looking to help this region of space." she paused as she thought of his name. "He went by Jameson."

Bjorn was mid sip of a a glass of a blueberry mead when heard the name and his only real reaction was to spit out what was in his mouth. Luckily he was able to turn away and keep people out of the spray. "Did you say Jameson?"

At the sight of the spectacle Tali-A turned to the Commander. "That is what he went by yes?"

Tettly arched an eyebrow, "Sir, I reckon you've got me at a disadvantage here..."

"Last time I or many of us had head that name was when we watched out Captain beam off the bridge and the Breen world destroyed in front of us." Bjorn's blood pressure was through the roof. "Thank you for coming but with this revelation I need convene with my staff." He said in a rushed tone. "Senior staff report to the ready room 15 minutes."


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