A Name by Any Other.

Posted on Wed Jul 31st, 2019 @ 11:20am by Lieutenant Lon Genestra & Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Kee’Bhor House of Maal & Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Lieutenant Hope Ross, MD & Lieutenant T'Ponga Daughter of House Mordok & Lieutenant Elspeth 'Pip' Lennox & Lieutenant JG Vreia zh'Elaith

Mission: On the Run
Location: Ready Room

Bjorn stormed into the ready room every since the name Jameson had been mentioned he had a rage deep inside him. He also could not get the face that his old Captain made when he beamed away. His thoughts was broken up when he heard the door open and the first crew member came in.

Lon had considered bringing another bottle of his laboratory specials with him to the meeting, but remembering how angry Bjorn had sounded in his message thought better of it. "That's a face I've not seen for a long time." He commented, concern for his friend's mental state evident in his voice.

Hope was one of the first to arrive, when she entered she shot the angry looking CO a smile and gave a quick "Sir" before taking a seat.

KB soon followed, and upon seeing Bjorn's face a growl resonated deeply in him. "I see the need for vengeance in your face," He stated, standing against the wall near the rest.

Vreia wasn't at liberty to know the weight of the situation. All she knew that the name Jameson set the captain off somehow. When she walked in, she noticed that the atmosphere in the ready room could be cut with a knife. "Well, don't we all look chipper."

"Those people are starving. I'm wracking my brain for ways that we can help them with what we might have on board. We haven't been on board long enough for me to check stores yet," groused Pip. "Some way we'll leave 'em in a better state."

"I reckon gettin' rid o' this ruttin' plant would do a good bit o' good for 'em," Tettly drawled as he came in behind Pip. "Seems like it's causin' plenty of worry for 'em," He said.

T'Ponga's face said it all as she walked in. "Jamison p'tagh", she spat as she sat down. "He brought the bloody plant to them. Fek'lar.....", she growled.

Bjorn closed his eyes briefly to collect himself. "Thank you to everyone who participated in the dinner. And to the three of you that was working on the plants. I would like to start there before I get to worked up what did you find out."

Lon glanced down at the PaDD he'd brought with him. Not to remind himself of the information, he'd never forget something so recent, but to check on the progress of the experiment he, Hope and KB had set into motion before they were summoned. "We've confirmed the off-world origins of the plant, unfortunately the evidence indicates that the environmental impact of the plant is not an accident."

And the bad news just keeps coming. "Any idea who or how we can reverse things?"

"Who is us," KB spat out, "How? If we can undo the genetic damage, we can hit the crops with it. We do not need to get 100% fix, as long as the majority is changed. They can pull up the bad ones. Spray of some sort?"

Bjorn took a deep breath. "I get that we will be the ones to fix it do you have any scientific facts about who is behind this?" He looked at the table. "For those that where at the dinner you heard the name and for those that were not on the Proximia you may not know the significance. Before Stephen-E left I showed a picture to his delegation and they confirmed that that our old Captain Jameson was the man that sold them the plants." He paused to let the rage settle some. "The same Captain that conveniently transported into thin air when we where implicated in the incident." He closed his eyes. "The Gods have chosen that our paths cross again. We need to help these people but we also need to figure out Jamerson's angle."

Lon exhaled slowly, his hands curled into fists tight enough that his knuckles turned white. He'd served on the Proxima longer than anyone else here and it was difficult, despite the mounting evidence, to believe Captain Jameson was involved in something like the Halla III Atrocity. "One step at a time." He cautioned. "We," he indicated Hope and KB, "have already undertaken some experiments to determine the likely origins of the plant's genetic modifications. We should have the results through presently."

"So you think Jameson is the one who set us up?" Tettly asked, still confused by all of the significance of the name.

"taHqeq" KB muttered underneath his breath angrily.

"Yes he is the p'tagh that set us up Biggs", T'Ponga spat the words out. Angry that the name Jameson was indicated again stung like a hot sword through her side.

"And you have actual evidence of this?" Lon asked, directing a pointed look at the intelligence officer. "Because I would be disappointed if you've decided his guilt on the nothing more than his proximity to the atrocity and disappearance immediately afterwards. That was enough for the breen to convict us and I believe we're better than that."

"It might not make him guilty, but it does make 'im a person of interest. Why didn't he get implicated as well. When shit rolls downhill, he who comes out clean is the first to look at." suggested Pip as a tension break.

Pip's chime in woke Bjorn from his slumbering rage. "Agreed, but also agree we don't have proof yet. Here is what we are going to do. Lon work with Dr. Ross on coming up with a way to reverse these plants." He turned to Vreia. "If you need a pilot I am sure we can retro fit a shuttle to crop dust and V is probably itching to do some flying." He said with a smirk.

"KB you said we are in need of some resources to help sustain things aroun' here." He then looked from his engineer to his diplomat. "I really liked your plan to help them out with some mass produced replicators. Why don't you to go down and talk to them 'bout a trade deal."




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