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Posted on Fri Aug 30th, 2019 @ 9:36am by Commander Bjorn Tyrson & Lieutenant Tettly Biggs & Lieutenant Lon Genestra

Mission: On the Run
Location: Captains Ready Room

Lon made his way quickly to the ready room. He didn't want to trust the information he had to the communication system. Anyone might be listening. He'd called the meeting with chief of security and the captain as soon as he'd found out. Once he'd passed on his findings, they'd need to figure out what to do next.

Bjorn was on pins and needles more then before he didn't like where some of these signs where pointing. He heard the urgency in Lon's voice when he called the meeting and now seeing his Science Officer in front of him he was anxious to hear what he had.

"Any idea what this is about?" Tettly asked, taking a seat across from the CO. "Sounded sorta urgent."

Bjorn looked over at Lon who was buried in his PADD. "I think we are about to find out and I think we are going to have work to do." He said. "What ya got Lon?"

"Dr Ross and I have been able to determine the likely manufacturers of the plants afflicting this planet." He glanced at the other two men as he took his seat. "Based on the results there's an 80% likelihood the plants were created by the Obsidian Order."

"Like bloody Shovel.... I mean Cardassions? I thought they disbanded during the war." Bjron thought over the realization of things. "I had heard rumors."

"I always figured they were still around," Biggs admitted, "How come you guys are so sure though? That's a heavy bit of digging you'd have had to do," He said.

"I'm glad you asked." Lon's eyes would have lit up, had they not been robotic. "Once we'd determined that the plants had been genetically modified we performed a multi-vibrational analysis of the inserted gene sequences which allowed us to determine the vibrational frequency of the carbon carbon bonds where the modified genes were grafted onto the naturally occurring gene sequences. This frequency may seem trivial, and indeed is often overlooked, which is what makes it such a powerful tool for the fingerprinting the origins of genetic modification. All chemical bonds vibrate at specific frequencies, which vary depending on the surrounding chemical environment. The method by which a gene is inserted into a sequence also alters these frequencies in specific ways allowing you to identify the technique used. The technique used on these plants matches one not seen outside of experiments performed by the remnants of Order during the latter end part of the Dominion War."

"But... but.." Bjorn struggled to follow the smart talk going on but he had the gist of it he thought. "So your saying Captain Jameson sold these people plants modified by former members of the Order? With the sole purpose to starve these people out.... for what?" Bjorn stopped as he was started to trip himself up with the questions and implications.

"Exactly." Lon nodded. "The plants were made for undermining ecosystems. The reasons for using such a tool will be as varied as those that could use them. I would hesitate to call them a finished product however."

"Are we able to reverse the effects and help these peoples." Bjorn asked.

Lon shook his head. "We can kill the plants, but it's only time that will be able to restore balance to their environment."

"Well hopefully if you can kill the plants and stop the damage out trade talks will help these people in the mean time." Bjorn said. "Now we need to start looking at why the Order would do this, and more importantly why Jameson would be working with them." He looked at his security chief.

"If Jameson is working with the Order... that's real bad, boss," Tettly said, his tone grim. "That means they're making a grab for power and they've got their fingers in Starfleet."

"We do not know how Jameson got the plants." Lon noted. "I am more than familiar with the Order, however. If I am correct about the plants not being finished, they will have someone watching their progress. Find them and we have a lead to follow."

"Then its settled you work with Ross and see about helping these people. While KB and Lenox are trying to make friends Biggs you and I will start seeing if we can find any leads." Bjorn instructed. He didn't like where this was leading but he was glad they had a direction.


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